Monday, May 22, 2006

Nagin Wins

Ray Nagin is the mayor again. I didn't expect for that to happen. Appearently more black people felt compelled to get out and vote for him this time and put him back in there. I won't say who I voted for. I will say that I am not 100% confident that Mayor Nagin has my community's best interest at heart all the time. I don't think he is a sellout or anything like that. I think he is a business man and he sees facts and figures instead of the wishes of the people. If he is nothing else he is battle tested. Either way he is the the man for the next four years that will be responsible for the recovery of my city. It's time to move on and rebuild so I won't complain. Whatever happened in the past is gone and will be easier to deal with if he gets everything moving on the right track. It's not all on Ray. Some of it has to fall on the people who come back here to try and make this place we call home work for our benefit. We are all gonna have to do our share. I'm gonna get behind Clarence and lets make this thing work. All we need now is some sparing by God when it comes to hurricanes and about 20 billion dollars from the federal government to fix all the things that thier raggedy ass levee design broke.

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