Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My response to the Duke comments

First of all, thanks for reading.

I never expected to get these kind of comments. I wanted to post them both unedited to make sure the comments had their fair play. Listen, I know you guys hate this DA and I know the DNA evidence came back without a positive ID. The question I have is that why would a man put his entire reputation on the line and stage a bogus trial that the majority of Americans think is a waste of time if he honestly didn't think the girl had a credible story or some good evidence. Black people are not that hard to please when it comes to votes. Just the fact that he even investigated the allegations was good enough to get our votes. For the case to go this far there has to be something that none of us know about except for the attornies and the grand jury. To the young lady that sent me the entire rap sheet of the accuser, I havMy e to ask when did you have to be a wholesome girl to be a stripper? And what does all of that have to do with what took place at Duke? How do we know this much about this lady's background anyway? I have never seen a woman that has been a potential victim of rape get this much of her life put out there. You said those boys live's were destroyed. Their lives are not destroyed because there are millions of people like you that already have decided they are innocent no matter what happens so they will have more oppurtunities now than they ever had. See, you guys have proved the whole point of what I said in the original post. You saw those kids and heard about her past and they are innocent with no questions asked. We all know that they won't be convicted. I never said that they would. I did say that with or without penetration or a struggle something happened in that house. I have been to lots of stripper parties in my day. Women dissappear into other rooms with guys all the time. Plus, if they are all teammates and friends, who's gonna really say anything about what happened and break the code? Nobody was going to speak up until someone actually got indicted. Whatever happened in there will never full be fully explained because she has already been labeled a lying ass slut just trying to hurt these good American boys. When she does speak the court of public opinion already thinks its bullshit. Even if you have problems with her story, shouldn't that be up to the judge or jury to decide? Maybe you guys have all been played by a bunch of really smart kids and attornies that know how to manipulate the media. I will not budge from my original point that if this the three black kids from Howard accused of doing something innappropriate to a white woman from Duke, there would have been media lynch mobs all over and it wouldn't have mattered what she did before the night of the party. If the situation was reversed and the lacrosse team were black, I would be saying that they needed to be prosecuted just like these guys are. But, its not three black dudes, it's three white ones and those girls didn't invite themselves to that party. The funny thing is that most black people around the country didn't know anything about this story. I didn't know anything about it until I started hearing all these people on the radio tearing down this girl when none of them were inside that house. Next time these privilaged kids need to contact their families political friends and get this swept under the rug ahead of time like the other high society kids do.


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Anonymous said...

First of all, the people who responded to your blog about the Duke rape needs to understand that they WERE NOT THERE when this act allegedly occurred. Second, simply because the media is reporting what they choose to report doesn't mean you know all of the evidence the DA has or what he presented to the grand jury who makes the determination of whether charges can be filed. If the evidence wasn't compelling, then the grand jury could not return a true bill indictment and thus the charges would have to be dismissed. Third, stop saying these boys are "innocent." In the justice system people are "presumed innocent." Fourth, you can't pick your victim just like you can't pick your family. Simply because this lady has a criminal history doesn't necessarily means that she is lying about what happened. Fifth, in case you didn't know sports teams have a bond just like college fraternies. So many things go untold behind closed doors that you wouldn't believe. I don't give a damn how small the house is. Peer pressure is a bitch on college campuses. Victims and witnesses are literally threatened and ostracized if they open thier mouths. And lastly, unless you were there and know everything that happened that night, don't come to any conclusions about the defendants or the victim until you see what the evidence unfolds. Reason being, you don't know any of the people involved. All you have is an opinion. And opinions are just like assholes, everybody got one.