Friday, November 11, 2005

Terry McMillan was on Oprah yesterday with her gay husband discussing her marriage. I was surprise to see that they were still spending time together. Terry was really whipped by this guy. What was Oprah doing promoting this DL brother on her show. I know Terry McMillan is a friend of hers and everything and she wanted to put her on to tell her story. However, I was really upset when Oprah, Terry and the crowd all thought it was cute that her and this guy were still messing around. There are millions of black women getting sick because guys like him want to live both ways. We should not be promoting this on national TV.

If I hear one more black dude call a sports radio station and defend Terrell Owens for speaking his mind I am going to throw up. Let me tell you something, the only man in a company that can say anything he wants without nothing happening is the owner. All you little kids that think you can do this at your job and keep working will get sent home just like T.O. did. As long as another man's name is on the bottom of your check you really have no power. Let Terrell be your role model. Go to work, tell everyone your boss has no class and lets see what happens.

I am getting older and losing my touch with the younger generation. This was made apparent to me when I watched 106 and Park yesterday. At least Free and A&J had a little maturity. Tigger laughs at everything. The other little skinny girl looks like she is about to blow away. I have two observations about most music of today. The first one is that when I was coming up rappers and singers always looked different. R&B singers always dressed nice and hair their hair done in some shiny hairstyle. Rappers wore the t-shirts and jogging suits. Now, everybody looks the same on TV. A singer looks just like a gangster rapper. What happened to showmanship. The second thing is this.................If an alien spaceship landed on Earth and only had BET to watch and learn about black people, they would think that all black women were 120 lbs, had a weave, and shook their ass all day. They would also think that all black men had platinum teeth, 20 women and none of us spoke proper English. We need some balance. I am not going to sit here and say I wouldn't blast some Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones because I do. I also find the time to get in a little Jean Grae and Sage Francis. If you don't know who either of those people are then you just made my point.

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