Sunday, November 6, 2005

If I Felt Like Writing

I don't feel like sitting here and writing about anything. I just can't focus on one topic too long at the moment. If I did feel like writing, what would I write about?

I would write about the fact that after you have lived in New Orleans your whole life, any other city you go to will seem dead once it gets dark.

I would write about how funny it was to see all those republicans at Rosa Parks funeral knowing some of them would vote against everything she fought for.

I would write that with all the issues with hurricanes, Supreme Court nominations and grand jury investigations going on, not enough attention was given to the fact that October was the 4th highest total for casualties in Iraq and that is after the election for the constitution has taken place.

I would ask the question why don't they just kill all the birds they think may be able to carry the avian flu and get it over with.

I would write that even though they are victims of the storm, there is no way the Saints should be 2-7.

I would write about how stupid it is to go back with a category 3 level levee around the city after seeing what just happened.

I would write that the attitude of my family and friends about never returning to New Orleans is much greater than I ever expected and it is changing my attitude about going back.

I would write how I was 90% sure I was returning and now that is down to 50.

I would write that anyone that tells me I need to start moving on is forgetting the fact that my grandmother is still missing and that fact brings me close to Katrina every day.

I would write about how I have adopted the Pacers as my favorite basketball team this year since I know that Ron Artest winning would piss off mainstream America in the same way that Barry Bonds does.

I would write about after being at home every day for two months now I have no idea how an able bodied adult could do this their whole life and not go crazy.

I would write about how much I enjoyed New Edition singing Mr. Telephone Man with Bobby Brown at the BET Awards and how his wife really looks bad.

I would write that the Eagles should have suspended T.O. during training camp and traded him.

I would write that the Spurs will beat the Pacers in the finals and Kobe will be the MVP of the league.

I would write that the NBA dress code is hypocritical because they promote these urban brothers and make billions of dollars world wide but they don't want the world to see them for who they really are. You might as well tell them to wear mask and take away all of their personality like the NFL does.

I would write about how cool the Boondocks was tonight and how I hope Neecha was watching and didn't forget.

If I felt like writing, I would make the observation that for the last two months I have met all kinds of people from New Orleans. We have given one another support and sometimes even a way to laugh and joke about the whole thing when it was needed. I would write about how if maybe we would have been that way with one another in the city before the storm, most of our people wouldn't feel like freed slaves, vowing never to return.

Oh well.........I don't feel like writing so you will never know what I think.

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