Tuesday, November 15, 2005

24 Hours....An Original Piece By Me

24 Hours

12:00 AM
Can't sleep
Been tripping since you hung up the phone
I am calling again
Your voice makes it worse
Can you come over?
I know you have a meeting in the morning.
We don't even have to do anything
Just lay there
We have been spending time with each other for 4 months
She has stayed here three times
We still haven't done it

4:00 AM
Your body is warm.
I made a promise not to touch
Maybe I'll just rub her thighs and pretend I was sleeping
Oh my goodness she turned around
Her leg is on top of me.
She is moving it up and down
I know she feels me.
It’s not right to tease
How important is this meeting?

8:00 AM
She left early for work.
I can't believe I made it through the night
I don't want to mess up my chances
I wanted her to call in today
Damn professional women
There's a note on the dresser
she's coming back for eight.
I didn't even have to ask
I don't get off work until 6
I think I am leaving early
Her scent is still on my sheets.

12:00 PM
I can't wait until eight
I want to see you now
Let’s meet for lunch
You know the place
I'll stop and get you something
I know it’s raining
That makes it better.
Every time I see her she looks better
I have to stop staring
She might think I am losing it
I think I am

4:00 PM
Lunch was good
I can't believe a woman like her wants to be with me
I feel confident
Makes me want to hold her
I know she really likes me too
I am leaving work early.
I need to prepare
This might be the night
I think I will cook her something special
Who can work with someone like her on the brain anyway?
She just called me
Didn't want anything
Just wanted me to make her laugh
I am clocking out now

8:00 PM
Dinner is ready
Wine is chilled
I'm nervous
She just drove up
I left the door unlocked
That's a nice raincoat
Let me hang it up for you
Oh my!
There is nothing underneath
She doesn't want to eat dinner
She has decided I can have her
Now my heart is pounding
No time to walk all the way to the bedroom
The sofa is closer
I bought some things from the store but I am not going to use them
That stuff will just mess up your taste
I told you I was good
What did you ask me?
How do I want it?
Put your leg right there
Can you keep your balance?
I'll hold you up.
I feel like a teenager
Don't even need a break
Slow down
When you move like that I have a hard time holding back
It's yours!
Don't touch me for a few minutes

11:59 PM
What a day
Well worth the wait
I think that she thinks I am sprung
I think that she might be right
Now that we have crossed the line

What happens tomorrow?


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Anonymous said...

I'm scared to ask. LOL

Miz Bliss