Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Mind Blowing Volume 17

I have been trying to write this post for the last four days and I keep deleting everything and starting over. It is very strange for me not to really have a clear idea on my mind for that long. My brain usually locks into something and then it stays there until I do something to get it out. At least there is nothing serious on my brain that is taking more time off of my 100 year life expectancy.

  • Here's a special wish for all the astronauts to come home safe. Did you see the guy floating out there yesterday to pull the foam from the belly of the ship? That man has the biggest set in the world.
  • When is someone going to get in trouble for this post Iraq war preparation? More soldiers are dying now than ever.
  • 73 schools in the city of New Orleans are considered to be failing. If you give each one of those schools and average of 200 students, you get almost 15000 potential jobless and hopeless people for the next generation. We have got to do better than that.
  • A special shout out goes to the state legislature who can find money for everything but teachers' raises. This is why all of my cousins are moving to Texas.
  • Fellas, if you are going to wear your pants down by your knees, the least you can do is wear clean boxers.
  • If you are not in shape, do not play more than 15 minutes worth of basketball. I still can't walk.
  • It is easier to get out of paying the mafia than it is to get out of your wireless plan.
  • Is it just me or does every female singer under 25 that is not named Alicia Keyes or Fantasia sound just alike. Tierra, Ciara, Ashanti, Nivea......Who can tell the difference.
  • There is not allot of things you can do for a job that are worse than going to an interview at a staffing agency. They try too hard to make you fake.
  • I am not sure if this is going to come on again but even if you don't like sports find a copy of Monday's episode of Quite Frankly hosted by Steven A. Smith on ESPN. Allen Iverson was his guest. That was the most real and honest interview and athlete has ever given on TV in my opinion.
  • I think this last thought probably should be an entire post of it's own. Between blogs , instant messenger , chat rooms, clubs, and groups; the internet is now the place for the young black working middle class voice to be heard. There's just not allot of other avenues where our voices are heard. Most of the shows on TV are catered to the real ignorant or the real rich. There is not many avenues for us paycheck making young black people outside of the internet. It's too bad that there aren't too many clubs or social places in the city to go mingle with people or your mind state. As soon as a place opens the thugs find it and it's over.


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