Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Hand Pounds, Hugs, and Middle Fingers

Since I can't think of anything in my life worth writing about today. I want to give some hand pounds and hugs to some of my people.

A big hug to Tara because you always say I never mention your name or acknowledge you. I am putting you first.

A hug to Big G. because I am so proud of you for hitting rock bottom and working your way back to being a good man.

Hand pounds and hugs to Cedric for your promotion. I won't say anything else because you always make stupid comments when I say something nice.

A middle finger to the state of Louisiana who can't pay teachers enough and caused my big cousin to have to move to Texas just to feel good about her career choice.

A hug to my parents because whatever I do they got to get credit.

A middle finger to Harold for not getting up from your card game to help us last weekend. I would be worried about you reading this but you wouldn't know the first thing about turning on a computer..............I still love ya though...........Jackass.

A hand pound to Kevin for hooking me up with the job interview. I won't hold it against you that it was with the staffing agencies that I hate.

A middle finger to the New Orleans Hornets for not even trying to sign Joe Johnson.

A hand pound and hug to Neecha for creating a really nice blog. The hand pound is for the blog and the hug is because I want to think I inspired it.

A hand pound and hug to Data.

A middle finger to Fran for telling me funds were coming in for a pay increase and then not even talking to me about it. Don't make me quit because I don't want to.

A hug to Yolanda if she gets her album done and a middle finger if she keeps holding back and not singing the songs the way she wants to.

A middle finger to Terrell Owens for being on every damn sports show every single night. The best part about football will be the day you retire.

A middle finger to my body for not figuring out what's causing these headaches and fixing them.

A middle finger to me for still having drinks and coffee even though my head is bothering me.

A hug to all the people that keep trying to get me to go to the doctor to see what these headaches are about. I promise I will go soon.

A hug to David for trying to deal with all your adversity like a man and not doing anything crazy.

A hug to Michelle, Jennifer, Slick, and Walter.....I don't need a reason

Finally, a Big Middle Finger for my road dog who rides with me all weekend without paying for any gas. I take him everywhere with me but as soon as he gets a neighbor with some cool connections he can't call his boy to have any fun. This is why Brian needs to move back home from Atlanta.

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