Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cliff's Tripping

As I sit here looking out at the rain...............

  • Family is the most dangerous people when it comes to matters of the heart. Not only can they hurt you more, but you will let it happen over and over.
  • My only real regret in life is not going to Tuskegee when I really wanted to go. It bothers me still because the reason I didn't go was fear.
  • Nothing pisses me off more than someone or something not being what they have been portraying themselves to be.
  • The one thing I wish I could do that I probably never will is play the piano and a guitar. I have no musical ability whatsoever.
  • Life is easier to deal with when you realize that some people are so screwed up before your paths cross that it doesn't matter what you do. They will never be happy anyway.
  • It doesn't matter what I say or complain about. When it's all said and done, the only reason for me not fulfilling my potential is my laziness and fear of failure. Things would be different with more effort.
  • After you have a daughter, strippers in the club make you more sad than they do excited.
  • I know it was not good for me to drink everyday and I haven't been but honestly.......Crown Royal taste better than water.
  • We have created a culture of excuses that assures the next generation of our children will be totally comfortable with being failures and dependent on us to take care of them.
  • People are always talking about eating healthy. I went to the store and all the healthy food cost twice as much as the toxic, poison, and fattening stuff. Good health belongs to the rich. A mother of five working two jobs is not counting carbs when she goes to the store.
  • If I was a rapper, my name would be Big Cliff a.k.a The Black Super Hero.
  • If I had to choose one profession I think I would be a wrestler and my name would be The Hammer.
  • I can't figure out why I keep having these visions of being a child again. When I think about the past I realize that I didn't really like allot of other children as a child and can't stand most of them now.
  • Never tell a woman you love her just to get in her pants unless you are prepared to deal with her feelings afterward.
  • While I was out playing basketball and ran into someone from my past. I started thinking that as complicated life's journey is, the entire course of it can be changed by something as quick as one missed phone call or forgetting to make one. We spend allot of time thinking about the big decisions in life but the smaller events that we don't pay attention to can change everything.
  • No man should ever want a woman to love him just for him in his present form. Every man should want a woman that wants him to recognize his full potential for himself. Anything other than that outlook is a waste of his time and hers.
  • Woman pray all the time for the ideal man to come along. When he finally appears they have no idea what to do or how to handle it. They are just as scared of what true commitment means as men are. True commitment means letting go of your own world and creating a dual one with your partner. That is hard for everybody to do.
  • I have never cared if I was popular or not. I would much rather kick it with one real comrade than have a bunch of phony ass people around me.
  • It is real humbling to realize you are the least educated and least traveled person in your office at work.
  • I am ashamed that at 31 years old I have no idea what my credit score is at the moment.
  • If you really want to make sure that you will be happy with the person you meet tell them all the negative and aggravating things about you from the beginning and if they still hang around you have a chance.
  • If I had to make an apology to all the women I ever dated it would be an apology for all the promises I made to do something, later changing my mind but never letting them know I did.
  • Is it wrong that after 31 years I don't carry any guilt for anything I have ever done that might have upset somebody other than myself?
  • One of these days my people are going to realize that we have been glorifying and making heroes and sex symbols out of the wrong ideal. The truth of the matter is the weakest man in the world is the thug. The thug is the man that wasn't strong enough to pull himself up so he gave in and did the bidding of the enemy by killing and terrorizing his own people. They have infiltrated neighborhoods the klu klux klan never could have. We have labeled them soldiers when in reality they are just pawns in the big chess game of America used to manipulate and erase the image of the honest black man. The real strength is in the man that gets up everyday and goes to a job he doesn't want to go to. He takes shit off of men that are not his equal. He tries to keep his wife satisfied, his kids clothed and fed and all the time trying to find some dignity in a world where his image is being defined by some fool with his pants by his knees and platinum teeth. Try to that for 75 years without killing somebody and then we can discuss being a soldier.

What the hell do I know about anything anyway. I will keep the rest to myself.

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