Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mind Blowing Volume 19

These are the dog days of August and it's hot as hell. I picked the best time of the year to decide to get out, play basketball and start exercising again. Running around in the Summer doesn't feel the same as it did when I was in my teens. Back then I could run around all day and night and no realize it was 100 degrees outside. Now, after about 15 minutes I am ready to go get back in the car by the air conditioner. That's what happens when you eat and drink too much for ten years straight and then try to become 19 again. I am very encouraged by the fact I haven't had a heart attack or heat stroke yet. It should be even better in a few weeks once we go from 90 degree temperatures to 80 degree temperatures. One thing about not playing basketball all the time like I used to is the way your skills evaporate and take forever to come back. It's also depressing to have a bunch of guys that smell like a blunt factory run circles around you but that will change soon.

Staffing Agencies
Staffing agencies make me sick. I took a whole day off from work to go an interview for a position I thought would double my salary. I get there and that position doesn't exist. They gave me an hour interview and skill test just to add me to their roster of potential candidates. Staffing agencies rule the IT field in New Orleans to the point where you can barely find an opening without their help. It's just really frustrating to think I wore my fake gator shoes for nothing. I won't even talk about the fact that they want you to do all this extra stuff when you get there. They want you to change your resume, take tests, and coach you on interviews without even sending you to any. It's all enough to make me love this low paying, boring, dead end job that I have now. At least I know this check will be here all the time (I hope). Who cares if I only have 20.00 to spend after I take care of everything I need to. I hope I sound aggravated because I am.

How come Bush can't meet with that lady who son died in the war?
Whatever happens to his political career because of this is deserved. He could have just met with this lady in private a few weeks ago and eased her mind. Now he can't because it's a media event and she is camped outside his ranch holding up pictures of her son while he goes fishing. If he keeps this up there will be 100 mothers outside his ranch by the weekend. He's really in trouble if the black mothers show up because they will bring the grandmothers and aunts too. Could you imagine all those ladies outside the ranch in Crawford while George is inside BBQing. This is going to be interesting to watch.

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