Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 18

Rest in Peace to John H. Johnson. He was a man that had two magazines that never made you embarrassed to be black. He passed away at 87 years old and I hope his soul is at rest. Thanks for Ebony, Jet, and the Top 25 Countdown. He didn't do too bad for a man that started his company with five hundred dollars.

I am glad the shuttle landed safely without anything going wrong. What is going on at the space center here in New Orleans? How come they can't get this foam right? If you are working out there and read this I suggest you get your resume updated just in case. I saw a example of the plates and the foam that causes all the trouble on the Daily Show and there is no way I would ride that far on the strength of that stuff.

Why are all these federal agents searching William Jefferson's personal files and still have not told him why? The man has been a public servant for 20 plus years and they are treating him like a neighborhood dealer. I hate to say it like this but I bet you they wouldn't just show up at David Vitter's house and take a bunch of stuff from his office and cars. There is a double standard when it comes to how public officials in this country are treated and it is about color. Make no mistake about it, the first black president will have to be raised in a convent full of blind nuns and have no friends at all to make it four years without getting investigated. He also better be ready to explain every party, girlfriend, donation or sexual experience he has ever had in life at any giving time. Bill Clinton had a black man for a best friend and they didn't let him get away with anything. Imagine if the brother was actually sitting in the oval office.

There is another interesting thing I am noticing around this city. For many years now people from New Orleans have been moving to cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas in search of good jobs and better opportunities. There just never seemed to be any positions or openings compensating them properly for their education and training. I have been employed by a non profit organization for a year now and I am the only one on my team that was actually born and raised here. When everyone was moving out, outsiders were moving in right under their noses and taking the jobs that they swore up and down were not here. Now the reasons for why the natives weren't able to be considered for these positions is beyond me but I just think it's a shame that so many people want to move back home close to their families and don't have a chance to even compete for the jobs they rightfully deserve. New Orleans is a city that is controlled by people that don't live here or wasn't born here. Like Sandra Hester said on TV, "it's the Erleans Plantation".

I am going to close this chapter out by saying that this is a city built on custom, history and tradition. I know the school board has problems but there is absolutely no way we should have ever let Booker T. Washington School become what it is now. They are basically making it a trade school. Booker T. and a few others should always be kept up and preserved. If we can't keep those schools alive, then we need to just restructure and rename all the schools because the history means nothing.

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