Tuesday, July 26, 2005

21 Questions

You don't have to like her views but you have to respect where she came from.

1. By the time they reach two years old a baby can mimic almost everything you do. Why is it so difficult to potty train them?

2. Why is it that when a white person gets killed the news report shows their picture, gives their name and a profile but when a young brother gets murdered he's just another young black male? (We have to start putting a face on the epidemic of black on black violence. No one feels sorry for statistics.)

3. Is it possible George Bush couldn't find one woman or Hispanic worthy enough for the Supreme Court?

4. There is constant fighting in Iraq and bombings in London and Egypt. Just how many terrorist are there?

5. Is the Iraq war really doing anything to stop it at all or is making things worse?

6. When is the American media going to classify these bombings as a large global movement endorsed by millions instead of random acts by a few extremist?

7. Although we criticize her for being with George Bush on most of his policies, isn't Condoleeza Rice just as much of a role model for black people as Oprah? ( I don't agree with her politics all the time but you have to give her credit.)

8. Shouldn't she actually be more of a role model because she succeeded in an arena where very few black women or men get to thrive? (Sorry everybody but Oprah has a talk show. Lot's of people have talk shows. Only one sister has been a Secretary of State.)

9. Since the Michael Jackson trial is over, doesn't it feel strange that there isn't a major scandal involving anybody black right now?

10. Why are there so many fourth and fifth graders in New Orleans that can't read on their grade level?

11. Is there something in the genetic makeup of New Orleans residents that will always keep us from having a competent school system? (Everybody that tries to fix it goes through the same thing. )

12. Does that same genetic flaw make us blame every single thing other than ourselves for the fact that we raise our children to be illiterate?

13. Does 50 Cent have an agreement with radio stations that one of his songs must be played at all times? (I think I heard Candy Shop on the classical music station. )

14. If a rapper can't sit down and formulate a statement that explains his violent and misogynist lyrics, should he be allowed to have any time on TV or radio to promote that junk?

15. Why are there so many women that love those misogynist lyrics and sing along with pride?

16. Why do so ,any young women say it's hopeless to find a good man but have never even had a real boyfriend yet?

17. Do any of them really know what a good man is?

18. Since Luther's passed away, who is the next great soul balladeer? (If anybody says Reuben Studdard they need to be ashamed)

19. The next great soul singer should be R. Kelly. But isn't he just too ignorant and caught up in trying to be a teenager to do it right?

20. Shouldn't our community be taking the fact he SLEPT WITH LITTLE GIRLS AND FILMED IT more seriously?

21. Why are there so many sisters on the internet with inspirational poems, biblical scriptures and all those words praising themselves as black women but have profiles with pictures of themselves bent over in a thong right below?

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Anonymous said...

Commenting to question 21: Could it be because they have no class, no moral and no respect for themselves or their family?