Monday, July 25, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 16...Who Do We Vote For

Why are so many black people Democrats without knowing their platform? I am not saying we should be Republicans either but lets review where sticking to one party has gotten us today politically. Democrats take us for granted because we are the given number in the equation. They have absolutely no reason to go out of there way for any type or resources for our community. They know we will vote for them anyway. On the other hand, Republicans feel that they have no need to address any of our issues because we never ever vote majority Republican. The reason is kind of understandable.
The Democrats have the congressional black caucus on their side. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barak Obama and all the other brothers support the Democratic agenda as the being the best interest of their people. In some cases they are right. In other cases they are wrong. It’s been a long time since the Democrats ever had to worry about losing our support.
It is hard to take the Republicans seriously. They have Trent Lott, Tom Delay, and Dick Cheney and not to mention the great David Duke who almost became governor of Louisiana and single handedly eliminated the black population of the state. We don’t expect anything from that party and they don't give too much attention to us either.
That is why I think we should move our entire agenda right down the middle and hold our vote ransom for the highest bidder. Do you know how much chaos we could cause if we actually voted for an independent or Republican candidate based on his or her platform?
If you really think about it, allot of black people, especially my generation, are closer to being conservative than we think. How many of us talk about the fact we are getting tired of all the people in the hood doing nothing with ourselves. We want more respect for our women. Everybody’s talking about how our men need to be more responsible. We speak about crime. That’s called family values. We want opportunities to start our own business and control our own destiny.
This may be just my foolish opinion but I don’t think that welfare and government assistance has done anything for our community but give us an excuse to have absentee fathers and lack of independence and commitment. Even though I just said that, we are also at the point where we do need some extra resources to help us get things going. This is why we should not claim either party. We should let it be known that our support is only predicated on who will do the most and give the most to us. We have to control our ballots and our dollars or nothing will change.

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