Saturday, July 9, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 13

This might be the longest I have went without posting in a long time. Things just got too hectic for a minute. Between a doctor visit, tropical storms, and power outages there just wasn't any inspiration or time to attempt to write anything of quality. I hate covering things that have happened days ago and talk about them now. That means I have to come up with something else to write about off the top of my head. I had several things in mind all week and now that I have sat down to post them they are all gone. I can't remember a thing. Not one single piece of information or idea. I guess I will just give a brief statement of a few things that happen recently.

  • After all the calls for protest and boycotts, the Essence Festival had record numbers last weekend. That means the tow trucks, meter maids and overpriced drinks were in full effect. If anybody reading this plans on staying at the Downtown Hilton in New Orleans, make sure you don't cause trouble and give my best friend Cedric any problems. He told me how his people treated him last week.
  • There is no sadder show in the history of black entertainment than Being Bobby Brown. I don't know if I should laugh or cry about it.
  • Lil Kim got a year in jail and Martha Stewart got 5 months. In America crime doesn't pay unless it's for over a million dollars .
  • Whenever the majority of the population starts to question the war in Iraq, Al Queda or some terrorist group does something like the London Transit bombings and makes people think dropping a few bombs on the Middle East isn't a bad idea.
  • Luther..........gets his own post.
So now I am back to speed I think. Hopefully tonight I will remember the other stuff.

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