Friday, April 15, 2005

We've Lost That Loving Feeling

I was driving on the way to work listening to a CD I made full of love songs. I was listening to James Ingram's One Hundred Ways. I started thinking when was the last time I heard a guy my age express that kind of feeling or do those kind of things for a woman like James is singing about. When was the last time I heard one of my boys or a brother my age say "man I love that woman of mine"? I am not sure if I have heard that in the last few years. Where is our outward show of affection? Many of us think it's weak to show that kind of affection. We are so bad at doing this, that women have started to not worry about it either. My dad gives my mother cards to celebrate weekly and monthly anniversaries. I grew up watching them hug, kiss, dance, and any other way he could show her affection. What happened to my generation? I have a few ideas.

The lack of fathers in our homes means that most brothers never got to see that kind of affection between a man and a woman close up.

Right or wrong, most brothers have the idea that the woman in their lives is there because of something other than "him". Maybe that's because sisters always look so miserable when there is something out of line in a man's life. You lose your job, don't have a car, credit is messed up, or don't live up to her "standards", that puts allot of stress on everything. You just can't be romantic under pressure.

The Hotgirl/Hotboy images that are pushed through videos and music that take all romance out of any interaction between young people. Even most of the slow songs are about something other than love.

The fake macho, thug images that young guys take on doesn't lend itself to allot of touchy, feely type moments. How many guys with tattoos on their necks are going to slow dance in the middle of the dance floor.

We have to get back to showing some emotion in our lives. There is nothing wrong with being affection to your lady, or your kids, or even your friends. That doesn't make you soft.

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