Monday, April 25, 2005

Playoff Time

Nothing happened last week or today to either spark my interest, change my life, or upset me to the point of fainting. Basically, everything was normal and boring. That's just what the doctor ordered. Since I have nothing to talk about, I might as well give you all my predictions and review of game one from the NBA playoff series.

Eastern Conference
Heat vs. Nets - The only way New Jersey has a chance in this series is if they find some inside offense to make Shaq play defense. Since they don't have any player on their roster that can do that, I am predicting this one to be over with in 6 games. Miami wins 4-2. You have to give Jersey two games because Vince will be unconscious for at least one and they will all play well in the first home game.
Pistons vs. Sixers - I love Allen Iverson. If Philly wins one of these games, he deserves the MVP hands down. This is the worst matchup of the playoffs. Lets go with Pistons 4-0 in this series. The Sixers have no shot.
Celtics vs. Pacers - The Pacers have the pride but judging my the first game, I don't know if they have enough offense to beat Boston. Indiana will fight hard but this one goes to Boston 4-2. I still say the league should give Atlanta something to basically having to give away Antoine Walker for nothing.
Bulls vs. Wizards - Neither one of these teams have allot of playoff experience. I like the Wizards in 7 games because of Gilbert Arenas and Antwan Jamison but I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls won. There is a direct relation to the Bulls success and the fact that they have allot of players that played at big time college programs. Duhon, Hindrich, and Ben Gordon have already played in front of larger crowds than the NBA has and with just as much pressure.

Western Conference
Suns vs. Grizzlies - I'm still not sold on the Suns. I just can't bring myself to jump on the bandwagon. However, they will sweep the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have no one player that can take the game over in crunch time and that's big in the playoffs. Lets get this one over with so Stromile Swift can start looking for houses in the New Orleans area.
Spurs vs. Nuggets - The Nuggets took game one with Tim Duncan on one leg. I hope you don't think the proud islander is just going to roll over and let the Spurs lose. I just can't see Tim Duncan losing in the first round unless he is in a wheelchair. Lets go Spurs 4-3.
Sonics vs. Kings - This is going to be a fun series to watch. The Sonics took game one but Mike Bibby was cold. I think Seattle wins this one 4-3 but don't count Mike Bibby out. Never count out Mike Bibby in round one. I just think Seattle has more fire power than the Kings. Did I mention not to count out Mike Bibby?
Mavericks vs. Rockets - This series is a toss up but I will go with the Rockets in 7 games. It's time for Dirk Nowitski to be exposed. I am so tired of all these people thinking these Euro players can come in and lead teams to championships under NBA rules. That stuff works with the trapezoid lane in world play, but the NBA playoffs are basically street basketball with referees. Unless they change the lane size in the NBA, any team with a foreign player as the main player will always lose. They are simply not physical enough to play with these guys.

So that is Heat, Pistons, Celtics and Wizards in the East and Rockets, Sonics, Suns, and Spurs in the West. Lets see how right I am.
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