Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Orleans Parish Schools - Breeding Ground for Hopelessness


Another two to three years, another superintendent has resigned from Orleans Parish Schools. Mr. Amato should not feel too bad. He was in a no win situation from the beginning. The bottom line is this, no matter what businesses come to town or how many police we hire, or where you move, the New Orleans school system will be the one thing that keeps this city stuck in depression and crime. It is so sad and disappointing that in a city like this we can't find enough competent and honest people to run the school system without stealing money or using political power to further their own cause. Meanwhile, we are sending hundreds of men and women into the streets of New Orleans without any skills to be successful or hope that they ever will be. We are just leaving them alone to drink, get high, and have sex to breed the next generation of hopeless citizens. I blame every single person of this city including me. Our indifference has made it easy to let this happen. The mayor, city council, parents, students, teachers, and anyone else that makes their home here needs a share of the blame.
I think it's time to let an outside contractor come in and run the business side of the system while a committee of educators from the city straighten out the educational side. I am not for anyone from the state having hands on contact with this system at all. Personally, I think if this state wasn't so racist and segregated they never would have let the school system become what it is. They have sat back for the last 30 years and watched it deteriorate because none of their kids had to go to school here. Now they are trying to come in with the white horse and save the ignorant Negroes. It's not the Negroes they want to save, it's the federal money that is in jeopardy because New Orleans is so inept that it is effecting the entire state's funding. If it wasn't for that fact, no one would care about the crisis of this school system. Someone would just build a gate around the city to keep the animals out of the suburbs and make sure they didn't go to the French Quarter to mess with the tourists. No wonder people in this place have to work three jobs. You need one to pay bills, one to buy food and gas, and the other for private school tuition to rescue your children.

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