Monday, April 11, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 2

  • I watched the end of the Masters yesterday. I don't care if he calls himself cablasaisan or not. There is something about watching Tiger win at that sport that gives me some pride. He doesn't show it, but deep down he knows his significance. There is no way he can be that close to his daddy and not understand that.

  • It's never good to hate anybody so I don't hate Baron Davis. I just wish his back locks up in the middle of a dunk and he hits his head on the backboard causing a concussion.

  • Man, this Pope process is a long one.

  • The NFL draft is coming up and I can care less. I am still on my Saints boycott.

  • I know he is crazy and likes young girls, but Robert Kelly is a one creative, but ghetto dude. That Trapped in the Closet song is great.

  • There is no sadder sight than watching Flavor Flav act like an idiot behing Bridgette Nielson on Strange Love. It wouldn't bother me if he wasn't a member of Public Enemy. I guess Young MC or Tone Loc wasn't available for this gig.

  • I had three free Hornets tickets and still didn't go to the game. Did I mention that I wanted Baron Davis' back to lock up on him.

  • Does it reflect negatively on me if I say the only show I watch on BET right now is Uncut? Can you be over 25 and enjoy anything on that channel anymore? And if you are 35, and rush home to watch 106 and Park, you might need to re-evaluate that a little.

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