Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 3

I have lived in New Orleans my entire life and I love this place. However, this has got to be the first time I have felt this much despair and frustration with everything about this town. Nothing seems to be going right and no one seems to care. I personally think that we could fix it all if we broke away from Louisiana and became our own district like Washington D.C. That way we could keep all the money we put into the pie for ourselves and further cripple the rest of the state in the process. I will explore this more later.

The cardinals elected a new pope that is almost as old as the old pope. I hope they still have the logs that made all the smoke this time. They may be using them again soon.

The NFL draft is this weekend and you can tell my life has changed. I haven't bought one magazine or subscribed to one draft site this year. I guess the Saints finally managed to run me away from the sport I love all together. Congratulations Tom.

The NBA is trying to run me away too. If the Nets go to the playoffs, the Toronto Raptor fans should riot the NBA offices. How does the NBA allow this kind of thing to go on? If guys would have been able to get away with this kind of foolishness when I was growing up, World B. Free would have never completed a season.

What in the hell is the hold up with sending Michael Jackson to jail?

Can you buy a hip hop magazine that is fair and balanced? I have about 100 copies of the Source and at lately, I haven't been able to buy it in the past year without getting pissed off. Too much beef and propaganda and not enough focus on the music. Hip hop has too much drama.

There is pop hip hop, there's gangsta rap, and then there are songs that make you remember why you started devoting your life to this music 20 years ago. Please take a moment and listen to Be, by Common. Listen to it over and over.

Speaking of over and over.....I want an investigation done to see if radio DJ's even play songs themselves anymore or just talk between a tape of pre recorded music. I like Fantasia, but there is no way the person in that booth can play Free Yourself every 20 minutes and not get bored or go crazy.

In my intelligent but humble opinion, there is not a more stupid phrase someone can tell you than "Someone always has it worse than you do". How does that make you feel any better? I don't want anyone to have it bad. Seeing a homeless man under the bridge does not make me feel better about my messed up credit. It just makes me wish I had enough money to rescue him from under the bridge.

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