Monday, April 25, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 4

Due to GG's recent discovery of television, I am starting to watch Sesame Street again. They are still showing the same skits from 25 years ago from when I was 5. I guess they figure kids won't know. It's not like they were here. Fellas, the day you turn off the NFL draft and the NBA playoffs to watch an Elmo tape is the day you can consider yourself a man and a father.

I know most hip hop connoisseurs are declaring Common's new album to be a classic and that is probably true. However, I have heard some of the Royce tracks from his new piece and I am not so sure his won't be a classic too. Of course, he will get no airplay, no BET, or MTV but it would still be nice if an album like this at least went gold. That means we can't bootlegs the classic sh@t if we want the music to grow. Go to and check out the song Politics featuring Ceelo.

Speaking of Common, when the album does come out, all the sisters running behind these full time hustlers buy the CD and listen to the song Testify. If that song isn't the truth then nothing is.

Has Flavor Flav been kicked out of Public Enemy yet for Strange Love? It's not the fact he was in love with an old white woman that kicks him kicked out. It's the fact he let the powers that be exploit him like that. Did he listen to the lyrics of any of his own records? I watched that show waiting for Professor Grif and the S1W's to run in and kidnap Flav to take him to the Drop Squad. I'm sorry, but as a 30 year old black man that was 14 when It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back was released, I hold those guys to a higher standard and VH1 and Flav went too far.

Who is Mike Jones? Shouldn't he know the answer to that already? Why would you spend money to buy a Mike Jones ringtone? Why would you spend money to buy any ringtone? If you have a full time job, most of the time your ringer is not on anyway. If there is any man or woman over the age of 25 that has paid for a ringtone you should be ashamed of yourself.

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