Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Yesterday evening I was sitting on my sofa going over a few data reports for work when my text message alert went off. It was my friend sending me a message from his job and it went something like this….

“What’s up Cliff? You are slipping. You haven’t had a blog post since September 24. I went to look for something thought provoking to read at work and you have the same old stuff up there. WTF? I better have something to read tomorrow!”

First of all, two weeks is not that long to update a blog. I’ve been busy with work and trying to figure out how so many people with New Orleans Public School education can use words I have never seen before when we are playing Words with Friends. I know they are cheating but won’t admit it. Some people go six months without any new material and still get more hits than a lot of people. Secondly, how square have I and my friends become when we are looking forward to blog posts. That’s sad commentary for our personal lives.

I’ve been missing out on a lot of things since I haven’t been posting regularly.

The Saints went 3-1 beating Houston and Jacksonville.

Archbishop Hannan passed away.

Steve Jobs passed away as well at the age of 56. Steve Jobs was a man that created technology that changed the world but couldn’t do anything to stop cancer. Cancer is still the worst thing on the planet by far.

The state of Louisiana sold the naming rights of the Superdome to Mercedes Benz and Tom Benson gets to keep all of the money. He’s not doing too shabby for a man that didn’t want to bring the team back to New Orleans. I was holding out for the Deal N’ Doug’s Used Cars Dome but I guess he couldn’t compete with Mercedes for advertisement dollars. It may surprise some people to hear that I am in favor of this deal.

Professional teams are playing in stadiums all over the country with corporations names attached to them. The Jacksonville Jaguars play in a stadium named after a company I never heard of. I don’t think they are getting their money’s worth. The other reason I am for it is that this is a crazy state and you never know who’s going to be elected and what their agenda is. The next governor could be some good ole boy that doesn’t like New Orleans or the Saints and may want to end the payments the state makes to the team. If Mercedes is giving up enough money to keep that from being an issue then I am all for it. We need to find a company to do the same thing for the Hornets so they can be more stable and stay in the city. I think Deal N’ Doug can afford the arena’s naming rights.

Some concerned citizens decided to start a protest by occupying Wall Street. It took a few days for the media to pay attention but once they did it started spreading to other cities. There was an Occupy Nola march in downtown New Orleans yesterday. That group should have just went to Tom Benson’s house and walked around the block because he’s the only one getting corporate love around here.

I was listening to talk radio at my desk one day this week and I heard a caller mention this and it made a lot sense. You hear some people say that corporations move jobs and money overseas because the corporate tax rate in America is too high. At the same time we are debating whether or not to raise tax rates on the wealthy and corporations because they aren’t paying their fair share. Corporations are paying too much AND too little taxes. Those two things can’t be true at the same time.

Hank Williams Jr. messed up Monday Night Football and cost himself a lifetime paycheck from Disney by running his big mouth about the president. Hank caught the disease that makes some Americans compare President Obama to an evil tyrant who tried to destroy an entire race of people for no reason because they don’t like some of his policies. I call it the Glenn Beck Infection.

You can disagree with the president without playing the Hitler card. Now all my rowdy friends won’t be coming over on Monday nights anymore. I know Disney is going to overcompensate and do something dumb. We are headed to a Monday night game with the intro done by the cast of The Suite Life On Deck and it’s all Hank Williams’ fault.

I'm giving Deal N' Doug the free advertisement because I love his jingle and I want his name on the New Orleans Arena. He can sing this song right before the Hornets' players are announced.

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