Friday, April 10, 2009

It's A Good Friday

If you are looking for me I am sitting outside playing music and enjoying cold lager. I will be ranting and raving next week. For the weekend I am going to try and enjoy myself and pretend like this country and my city isn’t going totally crazy. We can discuss the madness on Monday. My only concern right now is that there will be enough crawfish available for me to eat at least five pounds for myself. That’s my standard amount needed to feel like I did any real damage. Anything less than five pounds and I might as well not eat any at all because it’s a tease. My sister and my brother in law are here from North Carolina. My brother in law is a good brother even if he isn’t from New Orleans. We have a lot of common interest. They might be mad at me because I just sat back sipping on a cold one while watching them peel a couple pounds of shrimp because I was too cheap to buy the ones that were already peeled. I don’t feel too bad. They could have been finish an hour earlier if they didn’t sit there and de-vein the shrimps messing around with him. I just told my sister that we our health might be compromised because we never de-veined shrimp growing up. I think that all the slime and mess on seafood is extra flavor. Maybe that’s just me.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and if you have any extra pecan eggs and heavenly hash save them for me. I will gladly except jellybeans and Now & Laters too.

I dedicate this song to putting the speaker on the step and holding the door open with the big bottle of Canadian Club on Benton Street. If you don’t know about the big bottle of Candian Club with the pump at the top then are not old school like me.


Anonymous said...

Only a man would think eating shrimp without properly cleaning them is acceptable. That stuff is nasty Cliff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Easter. I will take your advice and just chill out. Monday, back to reality. T.

DebC said...

Happy Easter Cliff!!!

Jenny said...

No, Cliff, we weren't upset at all. Anything that makes me feel like I never left New Orleans is great with me. Your brother-in-law didn't mind either. We loved just being with you, even with slimy shrimp stuff on our hands. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. It was hard for us to leave. We love you all so much. Can't wait to see you guys again.