Monday, December 12, 2005

Rest in peace to Richard Pryor, one of my favorite people. I had to be the only brother with a Pryor poster hanging in his cubicle at work. I don't think I spoke enough about how much I like Richard Pryor. He has basically been gone from the public eye for awhile do to the muscular dystrophy he had. Yet, most of his material is still relevant today which shows you just how far we haven't come as a race of people. It's not always easy for white people to understand our pain and frustration in a way that they can accept. He was able to do that by making them laugh about it and at the same time not compromise the seriousness of the message. No other person in my opinion has been able to do that sense. If only he could have controlled his addictions. He actually lived a long time considering all the things he had done to himself. I guess that was God's way of letting him feel appreciated for awhile. See you on the other side Brother Rich. I hope you wake up in the right heaven this time and don't have to listen to Lawrence Welk.

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