Monday, December 12, 2005

Just a little different

I am basically an average everyday black man for the most part. I was raised in the neighborhood and have seen and done some of the same things other brothers have done. However, as I have gotten older, there are things that I like or don't like that have separated me from most of the cats that I know.

I don't like video games
I haven't played video games since SEGA. I just don't have the time to sit there and figure out some of these new things. A good game should only require two buttons. I have some friends that are 40 years old and will call in from work to finish their saved game of Grand Theft Auto. I'm not saying something is wrong with that but something is really wrong with that.

I don't like Trina
Sometimes I go to Black Planet and I see a few pages from men and women with her picture all over it and I think to myself "you can't possibly think she is that fly". She wears too much makeup, her mouth is too foul for a lady and she looks like a stripper from 1994. She is the type you meet on Chef Highway at two in the morning after you leave the club alone.

I appreciate the police and believe in snitching
Black people have this problem where they would rather suffer through all this crime in their neighborhoods rather than getting together and telling on some of these fools. Let me tell you something. If there were no police at all there would be about 5 black men left because we would have killed each other by now. The brutality and profiling police do are wrong and no one likes that but don't tell me when the bullets are flying through your window and someone robs your grandma, you don't want someone to come and help your ass.

I think any man with at least one child should not have rims on his car.
Unless you are a professional athlete or a rapper, you really shouldn't be spending that much money on your car when you could be putting that money away for your kids or a house. There are guys with rims that cost more money than the project they are staying in. Think about all the kids who are going to be taking out loans to go to school when daddy spent 40K over their childhood on Spreewells.

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