Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mind Blowing 26

Sometimes things happen in life that brings the difference between my hometown and the rest of the world. There is currently one going on right now in New York. There is a transit strike and people have been walking to work. There was a man on the news that said he had been walking since 3AM to get to work on time. Let me just say this. I don't mean to stereotype my people any more than they have already been, but if that was in New Orleans and we had to walk that far to get to work, the city would be at a stand still. I know I would have to collect cans or something to make extra money until the strike was over. I believe in hard work but that is ridiculous. Did I mention it's Winter time? God Bless you New York.

The president is spying on people in the country at his own discretion. He claims that it's in the best interest of national security. That's the same kind of rationale that allowed the FBI to destroy the Black Panthers and watch Martin Luther King until they drove him crazy. Listen, this kind of thing is really dangerous. What are the criteria for who gets spied on. How do they decide? Do they randomly search the internet or something for keywords. If they do, allot of black bloggers better be careful. You guys say some really critical things and could be a threat to national security. I on the other hand love the president and think he has done one hell of a job. That whole Katrina thing was our fault. No one told us to buy cars that weren't big enough to drive through 10 feet of water. Please excuse anything negative you have read about Mike Brown, Karl Rove, the war, Cheney and anything else that will get me put on the hit list.

On second thought............ This is America and I can say what I want. FEMA is inadequate, Brown was incompetent, Karl Rove is really running the country, the troops should come home, Cheney is using the war and the hurricane to make Haliburton rich and there was no weapons of mass destruction.

I guess black people in Philly are doing so well that the head of the NAACP can focus on calling Donovan McNabb not black enough of instead of worrying about other things. If you go to work, respect everyone and do your job the way you are supposed to you are not acting white. If you go to work, speak without thinking, always "keep it real" and call your boss classless, you are not acting black. Unless your name is on the bottom of the check instead of the middle of the check you cannot do what you want.

Last night, three people were stabbed a record release party for the new Biggie album. What a way to honor a murdered man. Maybe its my thirties. Maybe it's the fact I have kids. Maybe it's just the fact that most of the hip hop music that comes out now makes my stomach hurt. Does this type of shit happen in any other genre of music? As long as this type of thing happens hip hop will always be looked at as a teenage music fad.

Why are the people at these social service agencies giving people from New Orleans a hard time? Don't ask me a thousand questions about my personal life. Either help me or not. Most of you probably don't realize that before this storm allot of us made more than you and some of us still do.

I have been here in Mississippi for 4 months and I have not made one new acquaintance. I have to do a better job of making myself a part of the community for whatever the remaining time is that I am here.

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