Thursday, December 1, 2005

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I tried my best to enjoy mine like I said I would. Now I am back to writing on my blog and getting ready for Christmas. Christmas won't be a bad holiday because that's more about the kids. New Years will be tougher on me since this will be the first time I am not at my grandparents house celebrating. I guess I will get through that one too. I have thought about trying to write different things and acknowledge other things in the world that are going on besides what happened during Katrina. I think I will do that but I am not going to stop calling out these lying bastards about what they did or didn't do to contribute to the current state of affairs at home. I guess I am feeling more conscious these days. I have to admit that a few years ago that the corporate world had blinded me to allot of things going on. I was too busy getting paid and spending time in the burbs to notice certain things. Now everything that corporate America took out of me, Katrina has put back in. I won't spend all my day worrying about the storm because I haven't been doing that anyway. There are allot of other things that interest me. That just don't expect me to act like Katrina never happen. If we don't acknowledge a wrong in history it can easily be repeated. One more thing before I go......To all my friends or people that read this. Please don't excuse my anger about my current situation with being depressed or holding on to something. The fact of the matter is that everything happening in my life currently can be traced back to what happened a few weeks ago. If I mention it, it's only because it's relevant. Besides a few moments every now and then, I have been feeling pretty good. Since I have a large need in my life to laugh I can't stay upset all the time. A joke will come from somewhere if you give me enough time.

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