Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, I am feeling allot better this week. Mardi Gras sucked because I thought I was about to die walking out there. I am pleased to say that I think my coffee addiction may be fading. It has to. After last week, 8-10 cups a day is simply too much to drink. In between sleeping and being dizzy, I was still paying attention to what was going on.........I think.

Everybody is tripping on Jose Canseco but what's the difference between him and Victor Conte. Conte is more of a criminal than Canseco ever will be. The problem is that Canseco is ratting out the All American Mark Magwire.

The NFL is getting it's first black owner. This brother could do me a big favor and move the Vikings to LA so the league can leave my Saints alone.

Speaking of the Saints, I can't believe we hired Mike Sheppard as the offensive coordinator. One more reason why my season ticket money will be spent on fishing equipment.

The votes have been counted in Iraq. I have a question. How come they haven't announced names of any of the winners? I wouldn't announce my name and turn into the human bullseye either.

The least Prince Charles could have done was found a woman that looked as good as Diana if he was going to get married again. An Americn man with that much power would have a wife half of his age.

Brigette Neilson is meeting Public Enemy on the next episode of Strange Love. I can't believe they made it through this episode without somebody getting shot by Professor Griff and the S1W's. Our culture as we know it is dying.

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