Thursday, February 3, 2005

The Superbowl Interview

Since I think that nobody knows anymore about football than I do, I decided to interview myself this morning and ask 10 questions about the Superbowl. No, I am not going crazy

The Superbowl is Sunday. Are black people going to be rooting for the Eagles because of Donovan McNabb? Of course they will.

Does his team really have a chance to win with those receievers they have? Of course they don't.

Is Cliff going to watch and be pissed off with all the butt kissing of Tom Brady even though he doesn't really do anything to help his team win? I'm not watching the game.

Does anybody else wish T.O. just shut up and play the damn game and stop acting like God sent him down on a lightning bolt to deliver the Eagles? Lots of people feel this way Cliff.

If you live in San Francisco and Baltimore, don't you really want him to trip during the introductions and not play at all just for being such an asshole? Yes

Some Eagles fans have been mortaging their homes to go to the game. Is that stupid? It's very stupid

If the Saints were playing, would you do it? I would have done it and been in Jacksonville the Monday after the NFC championship.

Name one player on the Eagles that will have to show up big for them to win? Jeremiah Trotter has to play well against the run and recognize the play action pass plays.

Name one player on the Patriots that has to show up big for them to win? Matt Light the left tackle. Tom Brady is not that good with pressure on him. If Kearse can get some pressure, he will make mistakes.

Give us your prediction Cliff? Well, I am going to go with my heart and say Eagles 21 Patriots 13. I'll be glad when this game is over so I can go into football hibernation until the draft.

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