Monday, February 21, 2005

Last nigth I didn't feel like writing. Today I am a little more energized and have allot on my mind.

I got to start with Dr. Cornell West at UNO last week. The man is brilliant. It's amazing how he draws so many references from history around the world into the black experience. It was a free lecture but I would have paid to see that and would do it again.

From the great Dr. West to the sorry, sad, pitiful and depressing Strange Love with Flavor Flav. What was he doing having her out there on stage with Public Enemy. Hip hop has changed. That would have been cause for a riot 15 years ago.

You can read my thoughts on NBA all star weekend below.

I am 30 and getting old. I just finished my first week of wearing glasses and I have no idea how anybody could do this from a child to old age. I keep messing with them because they feel crooked. I would stopped wearing them if not for a few women that told me I look good in them.

This might be a little biased but J.R. Smith got robbed in the slam dunk contest. That around the back dunk was no less than a 49. We are going to pretend Chris Anderson didn't even participate.

How come a big deal isn't being made about George Bush liking gays and smoking weed?

And why are all those bombings still happening in Iraq?

I got to fix something I didn't do last week and should have................................

R.I.P. Ossie Davis

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Edward said...

I started wearing glasses about 3 years ago. It doesn't take too long to get used to them.

About those bombings in Iraq, I'm not sure I understand your question. What reason is there for them to have stopped?