Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Little Sh@t

I was driving to work this morning listening to the song Roll Call by Lil John. The song has Ice Cube making a guest appearance. That got me thinking about how much I love records with an Ice Cube guest appearance. I will buy a cd just to hear his verse. That led to me thinking about all the little things like that give you guilty pleasure in life. I'm not talking about your kids, your parents, or your family and friends. That's your reason for living. I'm talking about things you look forward to during idle thought. That stuff you don't really need to live but can't seem to live without. If you were stuck on an island with all of your family and friends, what would make you sit back and say, "I wish I was home because of that"? Here's my list.

Writing on this blog!

Ice Cube guest appearances on other people's songs....I am making a whole cd full of just these songs

Hot Sausage on french bread with an ice tea....this is lunch at least once a week

Crabbing trips in St. Bernard Parish....wish I could do this every single day.

The New Orleans Lakefront on Sundays in the Spring and Summer

My big 55 gallon BBQ pit.

20 oz Porterhouse, medium well.

Good Hip Hop that's free of Nelly.

King, Smooth, and The Source magazines.

A big handrolled cigar made by somebody in the Caribbean.

Crown Royal and Miller High Life.

My Yahoo messenger contact list.

Mike and Mike, Jim Rome, Bill Simmons, Jayson Whitlock, Peter King and Gerry V (yes, I am a sports junkie).

My wrestling tape and dvd collection.

Any live football game.

Ladies in capri pants, low cut jeans, and fleece jogging pants with words on the back of them.....I should have kept this one to myself.

Private dance booths.......I should have kept this one to myself also.

Pictures of beer mixed with a shot of bourbon at the diaquiri shop on Fridays.

Melyssa Ford, Angie Stone, Mya, Venus Williams(not Serena), Elise Neal, Tracie Ellis Ross, Remy Martin, Eva Mendes, Jill Scott and the countless others.

Meet the Press, American Chopper, Monster Garage, RAW, Family Guy, The Daily Show, American Justice, City Confidential, CSI, and the greatest show ever, Sanford and Son.

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