Friday, February 25, 2005

Got me Thinking

It's a low energy day. I just don't feel like doing anything today. I have some questions in my head that I need to get out.

How can a baby make you feel total joy and totally paranoid about everything at the same time?

Why hasn't this man picked up my jeep yet? I have already given him the money to fix it.

Why can't anybody call me with good news lately?

Why can't Big G. have a regular message on his answering machine?

Why can't we have 3 days of the same weather?

Even though there is no pressure or set schedule for me, Why do I hate this job?

When did I start caring about money this much anyway?

How do I rid myself of all the negative energy around me?

When is gas going to drop below 1.50 a gallon again?

Is Tara going to get mad if her name isn't in here somewhere?

Does she complain and not even read it anyway?

Is this black on black murder totally making anyone esle feel hopeless?

And how come all the young brothers with money to help just show off cars and big houses?

Which one is greater, family committment or the need to start over again and please yourself?

Why am I starting to hate professional sports ?

When is someone going to let me write an internet column?

When was the last time you met somebody and could feed off their good energy?

How can my grandfather not have any health problems until his 70's and I feel like crap at 30?

What is going on with al the young people under 30 dying from heart attacks and strokes anyway?

Is the heroin epidimic that bad in the city?

And how come all these so called leaders can spend time talking about Razoos for discrimination instead of worrying about this killer?

Why does draft beer with whiskey shots taste so good?

Do you think this is why I don't feel well?

Then why do I still drink it?

Why do my friendlist listen better than the fools I have been knowing?

Is George Bush trying to take away my social security?

When my boy Steve signed up for the GI Bill, did he have any idea he would be in Iraq for two years?

When are those guys coming home anyway?

Haven't they had the elections already?

Does anybody in that country feel safe?

Does anybody in this country really feel safe?

Why are all these brothers walking the street unemployed all day?

Why are they not even looking for a job?

And am I right to be pissed if somebody accuses me of being just like em?

Am I?

Could we all be the same and just hide it better than others?

Or did some of us get lucky?

How did we get that way?

Was it a plan by the KKK?

Did that just rhyme?

Did I do that on purpose? Speaking of rhyming..............

Shouldn't Flavor Flav should be kicked out of Public Enemy?

Why is hip hop so boring these days?

When is Tupac coming back from Cuba to set it off?

Is Suge ever going to admit he set him up?

When are the Fugees getting back together?

If they don't, can we just get a Lauryn Hill album?

How in the hell did C-Murder get to shoot that video in jail?

Why do these glasses make me look so intelligent and sexy at the same time?

Shouldn't I have bought a fake pair 8 years ago during my street running years?

Why did that thought even cross my mind?

Am I stuck in my early 20's?

Wasn't the 30's supposed to be my glory years?

Why am I writing this anyway?

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Yo's Vibe said...

Interesting points of view.