Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Why Not Us? Why Not Now?

I have made my share of negative comments and been really upset about this team and the coaching staff. However, I have decided that I am pulling out my old sweatshirt, dusting off the headband and heading to the Dome Sunday to try and help these fools make the playoffs. I am not going to be negative about anything this week. I am going to focus on strictly game planning and stopping Mike Vick. After looking at the NFC, there is absolutely no reason to think that our team is any worse than the other playoff contenders, especially since Owens is hurt. Forget about draft position, Brooks, Venturi, McCarthy, the stadium deal or Benson. The bottomline is we have a chance to get into the playoffs where anything can happen. If your disgust for Haslett and Brooks is enough for you to root against this team the next two weeks, then you need to be ashamed of yourself. No player or coach can overshadow my love for this stupid team. Besides, we have been drafting high and rebuilding for years with the same result. We might as well try to have another post season to enjoy. I want playoffs and the only thing I will accept beyond that is a blood and guts effort that leaves me physically drained when I leave the dome on Sunday. If Atlanta beats us, let it be because they are just better. Let's not let anyone say that we didn't support our team. We supported worse Saints teams than this one.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun.. Update us on what happen