Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I have been encouraging friends of mine to write something. I received this from one of them and I am going to post it for other people to read.

Power of Words

Words are so specific…. I believe that what comes out of our mouth is somewhere in our heart. The more we speak something the more we believe it. The more you believe it the more it comes true. That is why everything that comes out of our mouth should be of a positive nature. We speak negative, those negative things happen, we speak Positive, and those positive things come to pass. Life is too short to complain and look at all the bad. We need to look on what is good in our life, relationships and work. In all things there is always a good to it. And if it is outright bad, you can always turn it around for good. It is a choice. Take time to think what your choice will be… and run with it. Your attitude determines your altitude… How high in life will you get!

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