Monday, December 6, 2004

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and I am still not in the spirit. I tried taking down the Christmas lights but that didn't do it so I guess I will wait until Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer story comes on TV or The Grinch and see if that works. It's amazing you can watch the same stuff every year for your entire life during Christmas and not get tired of it. Since we can't talk about Christmas or New Years yet, I might as well sit here and talk about other stupid stuff.

I know the Saints are struggling but after I watched Auburn beat Tennessee Saturday, the personal foul call on Prude after the missed field goal became my worst sports moment of the year. Just to see them celebrating and waving their flag pissed me off. That being said, it should be AU against Oklahoma for the title.

Since the start of football and basketball season, the Hornets and Saints are a combined 5-23. 2004 is so forgettable in many ways.

I actually got a letter from an employer telling me I was over qualified. This is a first for me. I don't know if I should be upset I didn't get an interview or happy that I am finally at the stage of life where I am over qualified for something.

Wrestling Note Only for Me:
You just knew that belt would be getting held up last night. Can anyone say triple threat match at the next PPV? What a boring show. Please get the diva contestants off the air. There are too many wrestlers to kill all that airtime on that. After watching Smackdown Thursday and Raw last night I realized what both shows are missing. They are both missing a charismatic, crowd pleasing hero. They're just too many heels right now and the list is growing everyday. They better create another Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan fast. They could even use a Bob Backlund at this point.

To all those people that voted for Bush in the election. Have you been watching the news lateley? Iraq is slowly turning into Vietnam and it's obvious those people don't really want us there now that Saddam is gone. We can't leave them alone because all hell will break lose. Basically we are stuck in a no win situation now. Like I said before, never totally trust anybody that won't budge on an issue. We are going to be there for years. Can anybody say draft?

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