Monday, December 17, 2012

Walk With A Real One: On My Own Now

This second edition of "Walk With a Real One" has a different tone to it.  I'm now speaking as a 21 year old young man in college, with a job, and now living on my own in my new apartment.  I'm very happy to be taking this step in my life and I look forward to living life as an adult with new responsibilities. 

When I told my parents I was moving out on my own, the reaction was what I expected.  It sort of came out of nowhere to them and they were a bit shocked but at the end of the day, they understood that I wanted to get out there and do my own thing.  It wasn't easy moving out and missing the people you seen everyday on a daily basis.  My parents, brother, and sister used to be in the same house as me but now its a 15 min drive to go visit.  I know it will be tough adjusting at first but I'm confident that the things my older siblings and my parents taught me will stay with me as I become older.  My parents are so caring and they told me that the door is always open if times get rough.

I think knowing how to budget my money and deciding on whats more important to me are the two key things for me.  I'm not much of a shopper so I don't see myself blowing money on unnecessary things and my job and my school work takes up majority of my time anyway.  I'm living with one of my best friends from school so that's a major plus.  I know he's got my back and I got his and as long as there is gas in my Buick, I'm A-Okay. 

Well this has been another edition of "Walk with a Real One."  I hope you guys enjoy and wish me luck on my own.

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