Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Moment of Silence

I was in a meeting Friday when we heard about what happened in Connecticut. It didn’t really sink in just how tragic it was at first but once it did I had the urge to call my mama. That’s who I turn to when something happens that I don’t understand and I need someone to make me feel calm. I thought I was no longer capable of being overwhelmed by an incident dealing with gun violence because of where I live. It’s sad to admit but it’s sort of a routine thing around here.  The only time I really get shaken is when a kid is involved. Hearing about those kids being shot down like that really got to me.

Since Friday there’s been a lot of discussion about all the things that could have led to the tragedy.  The gun control proponents are looking for tougher laws. The gun rights proponents want guns in the school. Some religious folks are saying there needs to be more prayer in schools. It goes on and on.

There are many different topics we can talk about in relation to this tragedy and we should keep those discussions going until something is done. However, out of respect for the families of the victims, I choose not to give my opinion about any of it until they have at least had time to bury their love ones. I think sometimes it’s a good idea to just grieve and be silent for awhile. Besides, it’s not like our government is going to pass any law or make any changes to it left versus right philosophy just because of this one event.

I think everyone should just be quiet for awhile because the last thing the victims’ families need is to be caught up in a 24 hour news cycle while pundits yell back and forth about things they already should have been concerned about before Friday.

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