Monday, November 26, 2012

Walk With A Real One: Jerald's Introduction

Hello to all...

My name is Jerald and this is my personal segment I would like to call “Walk with a Real One.”  The inspiration of the name comes from the big boss Rick Ross, one of my favorite rappers/businessmen in the rap industry today.  I was listening to a song of his and that’s how he began the song by saying, “Walk With a Real One” and I thought it was so fitting to name this column that because I consider myself a real person who keeps it real all the time, doesn't fake out for anyone, and who will always be the same no matter what.  So take a walk with me as every week I will get down to the real and present it to the many readers out there.  Also, shout out to Rick Ross for his brilliance!!

Now just to get to know me better, I am a student at the University of Memphis majoring in Journalism and my career goal is to write my own publications.  I work part-time as a manager at a sub shop and here’s a fun fact for you: The fellow that created Cliff’s Crib just happens to be my oldest brother and I’m very thankful he’s letting me express my talents to the world on his blog. Generally, I’m a pretty laid back type of guy and in my spare time, I like to write music and chill with good friends.

I would just like to say thanks again to my big brother for giving me the opportunity to jump on his blog.  I hope everyone enjoys my posts and I will be back soon with the kick off of “Walk with a Real One.”  Enjoy!!


Superdeformed said...

Fun fact about Cliff, he don't steal cars, he just deals hard.

Anita said...

I am glad to see you here. You've made a nice first impression with your impeccable basic writing skills in this post, although I would expect no less from a journalism student at my old school (and Cliff's brother). I look forward to more columns.

Whenever someone says they are studying journalism I remember this advice from my best loved professor: "Never overestimate the amount of information your readers have and never underestimate their intelligence."