Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Grumpy Young Man

My brother made his first blog post yesterday introducing himself to everybody. I called him up to read over it and was just blown away by the fact he would name his post thread after a Rick Ross song. After shaking my head for awhile and thinking about it I realized that he’s only 21 years old. When I was 21 I would have probably named my blogs something cool. It may have been a Ice Cube or Tupac song but it would have been fitting of my agenda at that age. I’m not mad at him even though I think Rick Ross is terrible.

I was glad I didn’t fuss with him behind that. I’ve been fussing about a lot lately. There’s something happening to me that I can’t seem to stop. I’m becoming a grumpy old man and I’m not even old yet. I just find myself being aggravated and disgusted with the most unimportant things and the most unimportant people. I’ve been fussing about everything. It’s like my grandfather is speaking through me from the grave.

Some of the things I complain about make no sense whatsoever. I was in Texas last week for Thanksgiving. One thing about that place is that everyone who settled there after Katrina seems to live an hour apart even though they are in the same metropolitan area. Just to go from one house to another required a 30 minute drive and even a toll or two to pay depending on where their house was. It hit me on the way from Pearland to Katy that I am doing all this driving out of town but during a regular day in the city I will cuss someone out for asking to drive to Algiers on the other side of the river even though it’s about a 15 minute drive from my house.

I don’t like traffic, driving, buildings with the air conditioning not high enough, and dudes that wear their pants hanging down so I can see their underwear. I don‘t like talking on the phone, standing in line for anything more than 5 minutes, and parents who let their kids leave the house looking dirty. I can’t stand crowds, shopping, people using the N word on social networking, and people who take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors. I wish it would all just go away.

There are so many things happening with people in my community and I know too many things that I don’t want to know. Never mind the everyday struggles of people I know personally, I look at statistics on homeless people all day long. When you add all the budget cuts and bad news it’s enough to turn my young energy to old and weary stress.  When you have big issues on your back all it takes is someone not using their turn signal in front of you to make you want to drive home and never come back outside. I have too many things to accomplish to do that. I guess that’s why man created alcoholic beverages

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