Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sitting On My Porch Part Eighty Five

Today was the first day of my agency mandated use of vacation time. I have so much vacation time that I had to submit a plan on how I would use as much of it as possible in the next few weeks.  That means there will be lots of boredom, spending too much on lunch because I can eat anywhere without worrying about time, and wishing some of my friends were part of the 47% sitting at home collecting their gifts from Obama so I could go by their cribs to hangout during the day.

I thought Mitt Romney had questionable character when he ran against Jon McCain in 2008. I was sure of it in 2012 when he ran against Obama. He just made me realize I was correct with his theory that President Obama won because he gave minorities and young people gifts. We are in a sad era of the country’s history right now. I work for an agency that uses funding to help people. I’m around case managers and some of the kindest people in the community all day long. They could all tell you that since President Obama’s been in office there’s actually less money to help people.

There are two reasons for that. The first reason is that in his quest to show the people that hate him he could work with them the president put a lot of cuts on the table in one sided deals that included no revenue increases.  The second reason is that red states are really red right now and Republicans are slicing funding for programs left and right. There are a lot of Americans that may not realize these things and that’s unfortunate. I expect a presidential candidate to be informed enough not to make foolish statements. He’s either too incompetent or too stupid to be president so the right man won.

Anytime a candidate uses race, gender, religion, or any other characteristic to divide the public its because they are trying to hide their true agenda and get enough people to vote against their own interest. They are either incompetent or hiding something. Either way everyone loses so people need to reject that kind of rhetoric and pay attention to what’s really going on.

On a positive note, Allen West lost so there’s still hope for everyone.

The General Patraeus sex scandal proves once again that no matter what a man’s status is in life there’s always a chance his little head will take over his thinking.

The Saints are going to finish 8-8 because the whole they dug early was just too deep to get out of. The sad part about that is the record will keep the media from highlighting the greatest  season of leadership in NFL history by Drew Brees.

I still don’t like Donald Trump.

I was at a conference downtown this week. It sucks being the host city because you have to hear people talk about what they see in your surroundings. There was a nice lady from Virginia talking about the homeless young people she saw on the street. I engaged her conversation but the whole time I was thinking to myself that she and the other guests weren’t important enough for us to clean up for. Wait until the Superbowl is closer. 

My brother is a hard working young man. He’s a student, a manager at his job, and a rapper. He’s also going to be a writer and is studying journalism at Memphis University. He asked me if he could make a few posts on here for practice. That wasn’t a hard decision. He could take the whole thing over if it was going to help him. When you have many things going on the hobby suffers. This blog is my hobby and it has taken a back seat to other things. Since my little brother thought enough of it to ask to use it as a way to work on his craft I am going to pick up the pace.

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Judy Thorne said...

Looking forward to reading your brother's posts, Cliff. Do what you have to, but don't be gone too long!

I am with you on the division in this country. I pray and hope that something brings the GOP to their senses. This country seriously needs their participation.