Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post Election Thoughts

There was six billion dollars spent on Tuesday’s election and the country ended up with the same set up we had before. We could have given that money to veterans and their families.

The last four years have been fascinating from a politics and policy standpoint. The people are the angriest about Obama winning live in states that are solidly red and there’s anything but progressive policy going on. The thing about it is that those states were going to end up for the Republican candidate as long as he was going against Obama. I live in one of those states and I knew Romney or whoever the Republican candidate was winning this state the day after the last election. There was no way reason to play the angry white card as hard as they did.

In order to play the angry card you have to let the crazies into the discussion. That’s why we ended up with people like Glen Beck driving political agenda.  It’s hard to filter out a certain kind of hate and contain the rest so once you open the door to that kind of rhetoric it gets out of control.  The biggest thing that burned Mitt Romney is that his party managed to turn off almost every minority leading up to the election. I think there were a lot of voters who were literally scared of what could happen if Mitt Romney won the election and that’s why voter turnout was so high.

How much does the news media have to do with Republicans being shocked at losing? Outside of MSNBC no news channel covered the other side of the debate. All we knew that there was a group of angry people against everything. The entire Republican primary was about negativity. After the first debate, despite producing any new ideas or a clear agenda, Governor Romney started acting like the front runner and went into victory formation for the rest of the campaign. He didn’t even have a consolation speech.  The only way that’s possible is if he and his base were only listening to one another the entire time. That makes me feel good about my vote for Obama because if they were tuning out everyone else during an election they desperately wanted they were going to do the same thing in the White House. I already have a governor doing that.

It’s funny how powerful people can control things behind the scenes for so long then suddenly smell blood in the water and make their agenda public. It’s like the people who came out after Katrina with their green space idea for New Orleans and got Mayor Nagin re-elected by mistake. The breakout stars of the last few years are the Koch Brothers. These guys were probably pulling strings behind the scenes for years. Now they’ve replaced Dick Cheney as the face of the evil empire.

I can’t tell you that I have agreed with everything President Obama did his first term in office. I was frustrated with him a lot. I don’t think we’ve made any progress to close the poverty and education cap. Black unemployment is over 14% right now. In my personal opinion the jury is still out on his ability to bring about the kind of change so many of his die hard supporters need. Despite my frustration, I have to say that he will go down as one of the greatest campaigners and candidates ever. The president and his team know how to win elections and their ground game to get out the vote is second to none. He’s the Joe Montana of campaigning.

This was a very stressful election for the country. There’s been a lot of harsh things said and unnecessary finger pointing. There are so many people with the same problems blaming one another for it instead of looking at what really works and what doesn’t.  Making people hate one another for political gain is a terrible thing. I try to keep from wasting energy on that. However, there are few people who were so dedicated to being stupid that not liking them is effortless. Here’s my top ten.

1.    Donald Trump
2.    Donald Trump
3.    Allen West
4.    Donald Trump
5.    Newt Gingrich
6.    Super Pacs
7.    Any official involved in voter suppression
8.    Donald Trump
9.    Koch brother #1
10.    Koch brother #2

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