Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Positive Vibes Are Short Lived

Last evening I went out on the street to trick or treat for the first time since I was a young teenager. It was actually pretty cool. I was all set to get up this morning and tell you all what a great evening we had going around the neighborhood to hustle candy. I went down a lot of streets that I don’t think I’ve seen since the storm. There seemed to be more kids and families out walking around and more people sitting outside their homes giving out candy. I was going tell you about the neighbors I got to talk to and make friends with and how I should start going to the neighborhood association meetings because there’s a benefit to it. I was going to mention how good I felt about the evening and how my sense of community was strengthened. I think I got invited to a few BBQ’s by the people who live on the next street. I went to bed feeling pretty good.

Then I got up this morning and read the news. I saw all the shooting that happen last night on Canal St. where someone lost their life. I read about these two guys shooting at one another on Bourbon Street despite standing around all those people and how so many innocent bystanders were hit. That could have been anyone standing out there including someone in my family. Those two are just the big stories. There were other shootings as well. Now, I’m back to being frustrated and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee. Ignorant and dangerous behavior can really mess up a good vibe.

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Susanna Powers said...

Those little kids really do give a positive vibe, and so do the parents. I'm glad the tradition is making a comeback, in spite of the bad morning news. thanks, sp