Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Win Streak Is Over So the Saints Posts Are Back

Now that the winning streak is over I can break my blogging moratorium on the Saints.

We lost a tough game on the road today to the Baltimore Ravens. It was a combination of poor tackling, a few mental errors, and a great day by Ray Rice. The Ravens running game went wild on us today. There’s no shame in losing a close game in cold weather to a team like Baltimore. I’m upset we lost but I am not tortured by it the way I am about the losses to Arizona or Cleveland. Those two losses are going to come back and haunt us if we are playing on the road the first week of the playoffs instead of having a first round bye and home field advantage. I expected to get Baltimore’s A game today because we are in the upper echelon now and we come to town teams are going to get excited. I think that’s a beautiful thing. We’ve come a long way to get to the point where teams look forward to playing us.

While I am only slightly dejected by the lost I am completely ticked off by some of the questionable officiating calls towards the end of the game. There was a personal foul called against Will Smith that the television broadcast didn’t show and no one seems to be able to find. I don’t think that penalty lost the game but it sure didn’t help any. Right now we have a cash reward on Twitter for anyone that can produce a video clip of this penalty. At the time I am writing this the total amount of the reward stands at twenty three dollars. Please feel free to send me the link. I can’t guarantee the money but send it anyway.

Now it's on to Monday night and the Dirty Birds.

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Leigh C. said...

I'll double that cash reward. It's like the Lost Penalty of Atlantis.