Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Six

For the last two days I was caught up watching the miners rescue on CNN. I don’t know that was so fascinating to me. Everyone seemed to be into it. I think that’s because there’s so much negative news and stories of despair people were really tripping out off the fact that these guys actually survived. I like the way Chile but their flag and colors everywhere they could just to let you know that they did it all themselves. It was fun to watch.

Today my mayor is going to present the next city budget. Giving the current financial situation my expectations are simple. I will be happy if parking too close to a fire hydrant isn’t a 700 dollar fine or we are not down to once a month trash collection. I live in New Orleans East so it might be every three months for us. Other than that I am bracing for sacrifice. I’m willing to accept anything as long as he does announce a new board or commission. College administrations’ time is already stretched too thin.

I have been really bored by the midterm election coverage since the campaign started the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated. There are only so many times you can listen to the same thing over and over before it gets on your nerves. I just want the Republicans to hurry up and win so we can see if they actually have the guts to mess with Social Security and Medicaid. At this point I am tired of equally guilty people placing blame on one another. I just want someone to do something constructive.

The new issue this week is the mysterious donations to the 501c4 political organizations. Why is this a big deal? American companies make investments and send money and jobs to other countries every day. The majority of the investments of the rich everyone wants to keep tax cuts in place for go overseas. You knew once the Supreme Court said companies could get involved with campaign finance this was going to happen. Is there any American with an education higher than the sixth grade that still believes regular people have anything to do with political campaigns outside of the voting itself?

If you follow the Tea Party and honestly think that the 50 bucks you and your co workers sent in to your local senate candidate really had something to do with that ad he or she is running every fifteen minutes on television and radio you are very naïve.

If you are a President Obama supporter that really thinks enough old black people in the south sent in 20 dollar donations to help him beat Jon McCain you are very naïve too.

As long as there is no real campaign finance reform every politician elected will have to answer to someone other than the people who actually voted for them. All you can hope for is that the person you voted for doesn’t owe a corporation that wants to send your job to Asia or South America.

This Brett Favre story about him sending pictures to this lady was worth the daily updates about him thinking retirement. Did he take them in the mirror of the bathroom like people do on Facebook? If he doesn’t come back to lead the Vikings to the championship the Saints stole from them this never happens. I want to thank Brad Childress for having no faith in Tavaris Jackson and the three teammates that came down to Hattiesburg to beg Brett to come back.
Is Drew Brees having the Madden Curse?

I want to give a shout out to New Orleans’ own Ron Washington the manager of the Texas Rangers for leading them to their first ever playoff win.
First I said I would never join Facebook but I went back on that. Then I said I would never join Twitter and I went back on that. My track record isn’t good but I have another vow that I am sure I will keep. I will never ever ever watch Glee. I don’t care if they have a Tupac tribute episode next season I’m not doing it. I have to draw the line somewhere.

In response to the BET awards I watched the other night which featured a performance by Antoine “raping everybody” Dobson and my obvious bias to anything New Orleans, I endorse this video.


sussah said...

The story of the rescue in Chile was important and I'm glad they covered it. The media wanted to provide coverage of something blissful.. it provides a little balance to the rest of the world news. sp

Reggie said...

I was fascinated by the story of the miners too. I'll bet they smelled really really bad when they came outta that mine.

I don't know what Brett Favre was thinking. Of course, I'm a man so I didn't want to see pictures of his gerkin. But my wife went online and found the pictures....said the most unflattering things about the man's anatomy.

Dumbass should have stayed retired.

The Book said...

it's a miracle

Anonymous said...

I read your blog because you are almost always spot on, or at least I can see your side of the situation.
Yes, most of us watched the Chilean miners escape because we are hungry for good news.
Where I live, we are going through the same budgetary issues. For the first time, "they" want to charge us for an ambulance ride. I know people might think I'm out of line for saying this, but I'd rather see the libraries closed until all the kids swear to be quiet in the libraries, like we had to do when we were kids. Who can THINK in a library these days?
I'm a woman and wouldn't want to see Farve's "dirty" pictures, even if he was "Farve on the ground."
Have you written about the proposed football strike next year? I learned about football because I love the Saints, but I think athletes are outrageously overpaid, especially when so many are going without and under. I hope the owners straighten everything out, and the players decide they are paid enough to have fun, even if they get hurt having fun. That sometimes happens when ya play.
Thanks for being here. And, Kevin, you need not remove your pic. I'm not Mod. I WAS gatormama1. THAT'S crazy ENOUGH. Peace.