Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pre Saints Post Lagniappe

Before I talk about the Saints I have a few lagniappe things to address. I was a little too busy at work this week to devote any of that time to blogging and my personal writing space at home has been temporarily taken over for repairs so I am late on this topic. Nowadays we spend a lot of time dogging leadership and finding out what they did wrong. We need to take a moment and give props when they do things well.

I thought Mayor Landrieu, Chief Serpas, and the community handled the Jeremy Galmon murder case about as well as you could handle something like that. I don’t there’s a happy ending possible unless he came back to life but quickly finding out who did it and supporting the family will hopefully make it easier. At one point during the week I thought the mayor was going to suit up and go make the arrest himself. There are some places in this world that can get by with a figurehead type of leader that delegates everything but New Orleans isn’t one of those places right now. We need a leader that’s going to get out there and put some work in. So far, I have no problems with the mayor in that regard.

I went to vote this morning at about 10:00AM and I was the only person that had shown up on my page by then. I’m pretty sure the turnout is going to be really low and that is unacceptable. I know we are disenchanted with politicians but even if you don’t like anyone running you should just go and sign your name on the roll. That way there might be another person who sees’s your interest and decides to get involved because he or she thinks they can win by doing what we want. What reason does anyone have to work on our behalf if we don’t really care? You may not like the system but it’s the only one we have.

I voted No to the NORD reform charter change because I don’t think the city can fund it properly or the business community will really invest financially in the neighborhoods mostly affected by this change. There's nothing I could see as evidence the business community is willing to do it. If they do and it works out I will admit I’m wrong. If nothing changes the way I expect that it won’t then I am going to be angry and talk bad about a lot of people. Either way I will give it a chance since the majority wanted it that way. Next week someone is going to start talking to me about how the shadow government is taking over and how those people will never do anything for the young black kids. Before they can finish I will ask them when the last time they voted was. If it’s been so long that they can’t remember I will ignore them because you didn’t care enough to vote on the kids then I don’t want to hear about your conspiracy theories.

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