Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Rent Really Is Too Damn High

Normally I don't care about local elections in other states. I feel like if crazy people get elected in other areas it doesn't affect me. I got my own issues with leadership. Today, I am going against my own rules and would like to invite Jimmy McMillan and his Rent is Too Damn High Party to New Orleans to set up shop. When I saw this clip from the New York Governor debate I was hooked. Things are getting pretty boring around here with everyone acting all civil. We need to shake things up. Plus, I know from my experiences every day that rent really is too damn high in New Orleans. The same place that used to cost six hundred dollars before Katrina may cost one thousand dollars to rent now. We are not talking about state of the art condominiums either. We need Jimmy McMillan to get at some of these landlords. He's sitting on a gold mine of constituents if he comes here. We don't really need a mayor right now but maybe we can put an extra seat on the council for him. I will take off from work for his first council meeting. Actually, I am being too optimistic. I'll consider it a success if he makes it through speaking at one meeting without getting arrested. I don't know how much the training the NOPD has with karate experts but it will be fun to find out.


Leigh C. said...

Was just discussing this on Twitter. Someone asked me about rents in the Quarter. They're almost as bad as Manhattan rents, and that's pretty damned bad.

Sherri said...

If I lived in NYC I would totally vote for him!