Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ashley Morris Award And Taking A Break

I would like to thank the folks involved with the Rising Tide Conference for presenting me with the Ashley Morris Award for 2010. I was very honored and humbled to receive an award named in honor of him. I have to admit that I had a few words prepared but when people started clapping I got a little flustered. It almost felt like my kindergarten graduation when I was supposed to be doing the hokey pokey on stage but ended up crying and my mama had to come and get me. I am glad that didn’t happen Saturday because she’s way in Memphis so we might still be sitting in there waiting for me to stop. I'm not sure Rising Tide has enough money in the budget to pay for that extra time. I’m glad I held it together. I went the great Rickey Jackson route and spoke from the heart. I just made sure not to mention a small town named Pahokee Florida. It was a cool experience and I made it all the way home without breaking the plaque.

I brought my little brother from the mentoring program to expose to him another side of New Orleans life. I knew he wasn’t feeling it at first because he told me he had a dream he wasn’t really there and he never fell asleep. I think his day got better because he wandered around a little. He played around in the book area, seemed to be having an informative conversation with Stephanie Grace from the Times Picayune and even hustled up a t-shirt. I am certain he’s the only little boy in the hood with a Rising Tide t-shirt. I’m happy about that.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Howling in the Wires book signing and reading last Thursday. That went a lot better than I thought it was going to go. There was a lot of good energy in there for such an emotional topic and I don’t think it was just the alcohol. I’m glad I did it. That was first time signing an autograph. If this keeps up I might end up ego tripping like Kanye West and buy a big medallion shaped like the Superdome.

I also would like to thank anyone that comes here to read my thoughts and opinions. I’m happy you do even if you don’t agree. We can disagree or have different opinions as long as we are trying to come up with the best solution to what’s going on. Last week was so heavy emotionally and draining that I felt like I sat around and didn’t get a lot done. After we made it through the weekend I decided that I would dedicate this week to being productive at work and getting my mind back in order. I’m going to keep that going and spend the rest of this week staying focused and trying to get Sean Payton to accept my phone call so we can over the game plan for opening night against the Vikqueens.

Before I go I want to send a belated happy birthday and shout out to Neecha Turner. She started blogging with me back in 2004 and I am sure if it wasn’t for that storm we just had an anniversary for she would be here in New Orleans right now raising hell. You can click on the link in her name but you won’t find any archives because she won’t stop changing her address and blogger service. I love that sister.

I’ll be back next week.


Anita said...

Thanks for writing about this for those of us who couldn't be there. I hope you are feeling the love because there are some folks who are really, really glad you are here.

I love the story about your little brother and the t-shirt. You know it was good for him to see you up at that mike. You're an awesome guy and I am so proud of you my face is just smiling while I reading here and I never even met you in real life. I can imagine how proud your mama is.

I look forward to your return. Congratulations.

Leigh C. said...

I'm so glad we were able to keep your little brother flush with the drink tickets. It was a joy engraving your name on that award, and long overdue. Yashir koach (well done), Cliff, and keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe the way about Clifton. If I had to pick two of them at random, my two would be love and pride. By the way, I would have took an airplane to get you if that's what it would have taken. And you know how I am about airplanes. I am happy to hear you are spending time with that little boy you are mentoring. You are a great role model for him. Jerald majored in Journalism in college in hopes to follow in your footsteps. You are a great inspiration for him. He looks up to his big brother and loves him very much.

Once again, Congratulations. I love and miss you very much.


oyster said...

Cliff, you make it look easy: never beholden to rigid partisanship or ideological skew, always comfortable discussing all manner of things in your own voice. You're the blogger I want to be when I grow up.

You really had a great year, and honoring you was an easy choice for the RT committee.

sussah said...

Congratulations, Cliff! I like to read your writings as soon as you post. sp

Superdeformed said...

From now on I'm calling you the "Nature Boy" Cliff Harris.

I can only hope some of your greatness rubbed off on me when you patted my shoulder on your way to the stage.

judyb said...

Congrats, Cliff. Well deserved!

bayoucreole said...

Way to go Cliff.

K. said...

Congratulations, Cliff. And well deserved.

The account of your little brother reminds me of a speech I heard from the Native-Amercan writer Sherman Alexie. He wanted to get of the rez (reservation) from an early age, and said that he knew exactly what he had to do: "Read books, read books, read books."

Anonymous said...

F%$#&NG A BRAH !!!



E.J. said...

You da man (not to be confused with The Man of course) and deserve every bit of that award! And your little mentee is just too cool for words, but I got the sense he already knew that. :-)

Julie G said...

Great job, Cliff. And what a great choice by the Rising Tide committee!

The Book said...

Congrats on that Cliff!