Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Have Enough Trouble Already

About a week after Katrina I was driving my dad and some other family members back from the Army base in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. He kept telling me about the times when the buses would stop and how there would be policeman surrounding them with weapons to make sure no one left the rest area while the bus wasn’t moving. I remember exactly what he told me; “Man, the mayor had those people so scared of us talking about how we were all on drugs that they thought we were going to go out and destroy everything if they let us be free.” If I had to list the most frustrating things about life right now it would be how black men don’t realize that we are not judged as individuals. I wish we were but it is just not true. I know every mug shot that pops up on that screen is a blow to my image.

That’s why I cringed when I saw and heard the promotion for Street Negro Sundays at a local club. We have enough trouble without adding to our own image problem. Think about what people might be saying. Not only is New Orleans more dangerous than Iraq, they openly celebrate the folks that make it so. What ever happened to Ladies Night? Now, there could have been only 10 people out there or it could have been 1000. Maybe it was a total failure. Either way I hope it was a one week event because as soon as something happens out there and the news gets a chance to report about violence breaking out at Street Negro Sunday the damage will be done.

Why would anyone want to hangout with that many street Negroes anyway? This isn’t a rap video with a bunch of rich dudes pretending they still live in the street. Real street Negroes are not that cool. They never listen to anything you try to tell them. They always want to keep it real and do what they want to do whenever they feel like doing it. Then, once all of that blows up in their face and it always does, they want to try and make you feel bad if you don’t mess up your credit and spend all your extra money to get them out of the mess they wouldn’t have been in if just listened to you in the first place. If you want to go to a club full of cats like that and hang out go ahead but you better get there soon because it won’t be open that long. I just hope nothing bad happens before they get shut down.


bayoucreole said...

The clock is already running on them. As soon as something happens, they are getting the shut down.

BigCheze said...

i feel u, cliff but the people that make up, those names and images aren't thinking on that level. they only trying 2 sell tickets. But, I understand, where u are coming from, but in reality, they didn't need a night.To some ppl, every time black people get together, no matter what words,titles or age its negro night. negative or positive and if its positive, they still find the negative. Lets not help, tare our own people, either tho.

Beauty Jackson said...

I agree with bayoucreole. That's a "Grand Opening. Grand Closing" situation waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

"Street Negro Sundays" sounds like the working title of a new Dave Chapelle sketch . . . making fun of street Negroes.