Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Three

I would like to thank Mother Nature for taking her finger off the humidity button and making this the first morning in weeks where I wasn’t totally miserable. I know the cost for the breeze might be a severe thunderstorm but we get those anyway. August is the worst month of the year in terms of weather. The older I get the more I hate being outside or even dressed during the month. It’s also the month where tropical waves blow up to category 5’s overnight. I can’t wait until it’s over. School started last week in New Orleans. Personally I would prefer starting the year in September and extending it into June if they wanted the extra teaching time. I think parents should get to vote on this kind of thing.

Speaking of voting, anyone who has had a job and pays into social security should get a vote about a raise in the retirement age. You can’t put me in the “no” column. I would vote to lower it to 60 years of age. Social security isn’t a handout because every pay period I give more to FICA than I do to federal and state taxes combined. If all goes well when I turn 65 I will have worked a full time job for 47 years. That’s 564 months and over 1200 paychecks with money being taken out for social security. On June 11, 2039 someone better have a check for me or there’s going to be some trouble.

I had some seafood for lunch today. It smelled okay to me so I went with it.

The following question has nothing to do with the job Mayor Landrieu is doing. With the news this week that people are still fighting the Road Home program for money and that black homeowners were discriminated against, how different would the mayor’s election had been if one of the other candidates knew the person that had a lot to do with setting up the Road Home program would be the first deputy mayor and chief administrative officer? With that being said, I’m happy with my vote and Mayor Landrieu is doing a good job so far.

Unless Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda’s name is on the lease the Islamic center in Manhattan should be allowed to go forward. Americans need to realize that when you go against your own basic principles solely because of the religion of people involved you validate everything the terrorist say about us.

So you can’t text and drive anymore in the state of Louisiana. It’s a 175.00 ticket if you do. I guess that makes everyone safer despite the fact you can still get drinks without shutting off your car or try to eat a combo meal from McDonalds from the drive through without getting it on your clothes. Personally, I find women in short pants way more distracting while driving than my phone.

I don’t care about Dr. Laura or what she thinks about me. I have no reaction to her ending her show. I’m much more worried about the mentality in our community that would come up with a club promotion called Street Negro Sundays. The people that attended this are more of a danger to me and my family. As a matter of fact, this deserves its own post.

I’m not ready to get into the five year Katrina anniversary until next week. If I start talking about it this early I would never make it to the 29th without a lot of anger coming back. I would like to personally endorse this post for your reading pleasure. My peeps couldn’t wait to get it off her chest. She did a good job.

It’s too early to give any thoughts on the upcoming Saints season but I already have a dream scenario that would be the second best thing next to the Saints repeating. It’s week three of the season and Brett Favre ankles finally get tired of leaving Mississippi so they both give way and he’s injured and finally has to stop playing. The next week Tavaris Jackson takes the field and throws for 500 yards and 4 touchdowns. The crowd is going crazy, his teammates are excited and Brad Childress is relieved. Soon as the sideline reporter starts interviewing him Tavaris takes off his helmet, looks right into the camera and tells everyone in Minnesota especially Brad Childress and his teammates to kiss his black ass and that Wrangler jeans suck then walks off with Kanye West. I would never delete that from my DVR.

School is back in so the little girl friendly hip hop takes its place on the MP3 player.

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bayoucreole said...

I tried to do a post on the Road Home...I got so angry, I had to quit.
I love Afromamba's post on Katrina.
*sigh* Street Negro Sundays...NC.