Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye Last Season and Hello New Season

Right now I am watching “America’s Game the 2009 Saints” on NFL Network. It is without a doubt the second greatest sports related television event in world history. The greatest of course is the Superbowl itself which made America’s game possible. There are two things I had to see before I could let last season go. One of them is America’s Game that I am watching tonight and the other is the raising of the Superbowl championship banner. After that I will be in 2010 season mode and ready to see what happens.

Last year I didn’t think the Saints were going to win the division. I thought we might get a wildcard slot and have a chance to win a game in the playoffs. I was wrong and so this year I don’t have any preseason predictions. We could be 13-3 or 14-2 or we could be 7-9. A lot of strange things happen during the season. I know I wish Darren Sharper was playing. I hope we don’t live to regret not resigning Mike Bell or Scott Fujita. I guess we will get a better idea after tomorrow’s game. Win or lose there will still be 15 more games after this one. Somehow Saints fans have let the Brett Favre groupies in the national media act like the Saints have to win this game to validate what happened last year. I don’t feel that way at all. We could lose 55-0 and the banner would still stay up there in the rafters.

This game has nothing to do with what happened last year at all except for the fact that this year everyone’s week has been flipped upside down because we basically gave up downtown for the NFL. I have to leave work tomorrow to rescue a kid from school in the French Quarter before they activate the electric fences for the crowd control. It sucks for the local business and vendors down there near the stage area for the kickoff concert. I won’t be going down there for any of the festivities because I have a feeling that by the time you make it back to your car and get home half of the game will be over. I’ll be good right here in the battle room.

I grilled in my lucky shirt for Labor Day to get that combination of smoke and beer smell. I have tested the surround sound. I have visualized the three Reggie Bush touchdowns tomorrow night. My cousin has already sent me 234 text messages about how no one respects us. My boy has already told me to stop being paranoid about the defense 50 times. We are in midseason form and ready to go.

All we need now is something to replace the Crunk song. The Crunk song is going to push Saints fans to a level of obnoxiousness that we haven’t seen since “Who Let the Dogs Out”. We need a new song.


Anita said...

I'm glad to see you back in these pages. Having something great to post about is a bonus. I have just one question about last season. I know that Bell and Fujita didn't get to go to the White House and meet the President but I need to know that they got one of those gorgeous rings. Please let me know about that if you can. I hope you enjoy every minute of this season.

Clifton said...

Hi Anita,
Yes, they did get their rings. They didn't go to the White House because camp was in with their new teams.

vmm said...

As long as the new song has NOTHING to do with Prince. I'm thinking we need a Cheeky Blakk/Galactic/Rebirth collaboration piece. . .

Anonymous said...

I am going to start my second line music now and play it until the game is over. GO SAINTS!!!!

Mama in Memphis

K. said...

At least when you talk about the numbers "13" and "3," you can think about the 13 being in front.

Mike Sando of ESPN projects the Seahawks at 5-11. I looked at his game-by-game calls and just don't see it. We're looking at 4-12 or 3-13, and we could go 0-8 on the road. In a comment, he admitted that he was looking for wins that may not be there.

You can chalk up Nov 21 as a gimme for the Who Dats.