Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Four

I can’t believe Reggie Bush had to give up his Heisman trophy. That had to be a difficult and painful thing to do. It would have been hard for me to give it back because it was earned because of my play on the field. Regardless of what was going on off the field he still played in those games and performed so well that he won the award by the second largest margin ever. It’s huge deal to give back the trophy. People shouldn’t dismiss the impact this is going to have on him. I know he has a Superbowl ring now and fans think that trumps everything but a lot of people get rings when a team wins a Superbowl. Guys that didn’t even play all season get a ring. The Heisman gives you a certain level of immortality in football. Out of all the thousands of people to play college football there’s only 74 men that can say they won the Heisman and he just lost that privilege. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few dropped passes and mental mistakes the next few games. You can’t be a player that wants to be as special as we does and just shrug off something like that. I’m rolling with Reggie through the whole thing and I hope the three touchdowns Monday take his mind off of it for awhile.

I don’t know what weather system is causing all the tropical storms to turn north before they get to the Gulf of Mexico but if it has a name I hope it never goes away. I hope I didn’t just jinx it. If we end up sitting in contra flow you can blame me for it.

I was looking at the performance scores of the RSD and charter schools in Orleans Parish. It goes to what I said in my last post. The first thing I thought about is I made a good choice of schools. The second thing is that I can’t understand why every school isn’t required to adopt the practices of the higher performing schools. These figures make the case for people who think the school takeover was a good idea. Check out those high school scores. Those are the kids that went to school in the old system. All I can say to that is it’s a damn shame and I hope we can save as many of them as we go forward. This is why we need a solid adult education program to help all the people that want to do something better with themselves but missed out on the reforms.

Why do the school zones in the city end at 3:45 when most of the schools in the city are letting out after 4:00? These kids stay in school longer their parents are at work.

Who has more software updates Blackberry or Windows7?

I’m so jealous of the employees of the Public Belt Railroad. They got to live it up on all that public money without anyone checking anything. I don’t understand how this could possibly happen without something criminal being involved. I work for an agency that receives public money and you can’t buy a pack of ink pens without documentation let alone take trips and eat at Ruth’s Chris. In my view this story is not receiving the proper level of outrage. I guess Nagin’s name needs to be tied to the spending to get that going in the right direction.

I know I have said this before, but people are doing a bit too much on Facebook. They are doing the same thing on Twitter. I think we are just doing too much in general. Like this youtube clip a friend posted the other day. If we are going to be putting our business in the street like this the least we could do is not film it and show the rest of the world.

Remember during the health care debate when all of those old republican leaders called themselves feeding off the energy of the Tea Party? Well, I guess at the time they didn’t realize that the Tea Party folks were going to ride against them too. The funny part is that Republicans will be fighting for the next few weeks for the direction of their party and the Democrats still won’t figure out a way to win. Both parties are all over the place when it comes to getting things done but I still blame independents for nothing getting done since both parties are competing for their favor. I’m going to say this again. Stop taking polls asking what party you favor if you don’t belong to either one. Keep them all guessing so we can find out who’s capable of doing a good job and who’s not.

I’m still campaigning for something to replace the Crunk song as the Saints theme music. I have been lobbying for Fifth Ward Weebie to do the 2010 song but I couldn’t find a clip with a song of his that didn’t have questionable lyrics and the NFL has a conduct policy. I still want it to be someone local so I am going to go with Chocolate Milk as my plan B. They are pretty safe and judging from the last few Superbowl halftime shows the NFL likes older groups. I think this could work out.


K. said...

Hey, what do you expect when you're the only kid in the history of NCAA football to get a little help from school boosters? The schools exploit -- and I don't use the word lightly -- these young people, then the NCAA acts like an innocent victim when it comes to light even though it's their idiotic rules that help create the circumstances in the first place.

One of the things I detest about independents is their "both sides do it" attitude. Go to a random Border's and see how many books there are about Democrats/liberals/Obama destroying America/committing treason/aiding & abetting terrorism etc, then compare it to the number of titles (with the same kind of language) doing the same for conservatism. Think Saints v. Louisiana High School football champs and you'll get the idea.

How about those Seahawks, anyway!

bayoucreole said...

I agree about the Reggie Bush thing and if I end up in contraflow this year, I'm using it as a vacation.

sussah said...

I agree with you, Cliff, whatever is causing the hurricanes to stay out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I say let's have that every year. Fish storms forever. sp

Mark Folse said...

But that's exactly what the dammed charter school concept is supposed to be about: a handful of laboratory schools trying new techniques then passing them on to the rest. What we have here has nothing to do with charter schools as originally envisioned. It's a combination of disaster capitalism and an attempt to re-institutionalize the segregation that occurred through suburban flight and the explosion of the (de factor segregated) parochial school system. It's just an insane experiment in tea bagger Reaganist free market economics with our children as the involuntary subjects.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Everything Folse said.
As for Reggie, I never wavered. And he as always has delivered thank you very much.
I'm really glad he handled the way he did.

Though I consider Facebook a network gloryhole, like running naked through a snake farm, I have seen a certain soul man on Twitter a few times ahem.
Twitter is fast, like Reggie, and nimble. Hell, that's where You introduced me to afrodyte.

Just when I see the world is going to the Mall in a hand basket, I get to drop by the porch, at the Crib.
Yo'Funk is Crunk.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Ohm and I guess an impotent thing...
if any youz do find yourselves in Contraflow, then contact me and I can maybe get you out of the way from here. Did that during Gustav up 61 and it worked well for a few folks.
But personally I don't put much faith in anything named doublethinky like ContraFlow.
I mean, come on, didn't it live up to it?