Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One More Time So You Can Leave Me Alone

I have been writing this blog since 2004 and I have never gotten comments weeks after I wrote something like I have for the Duke case blog. I am going to say this one last time. I never said they were guilty. What I did say was that it wasn't fair that the media has already tried and acquitted the defendants before they even have a hearing. I still don't see why that DA would go through all this without some kind of belief in the accuser. Now, if she lied then she was wrong but she deserves the benefit of the doubt no matter how clean cut the accused appear to be. Plus, you guys act like they have been locked up for years like Geronimo Pratt. They are still at home chillin with their Duke degrees. It's just like I would tell a young brother that gets picked up during a drug sweep when he is just standing on the corner, if you didn't want to get caught up in that mess then you shouldn't have been there. If they weren't so busy trying to live out their jungle fantasies then this never would have happened. Now, stop sending me email. Personally, I have a life to rebuild here in New Orleans and I don't spend time thinking about this case. She shouldn't have been there dancing and they shouldn't have had her in their house.

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